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Grocery Retail Supply Chain Toolkit

Resources to help you build your strategy for a more efficient grocery retail supply chain

Here’s what you get:

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms: The first-ever Gartner Magic Quadrant for RTTVPs is here, emphasizing that visibility is mission-critical for modern supply chains. Discover which vendors are leaders, which are laggards, and what strengths and cautions got them those positions.

Grocery Industry Playbook | Maximizing Labor Efficiency with Supply Chain Visibility: This playbook unlocks the secret strategies that top grocery sellers are using to drive business success using real-time visibility, including use cases from Walmart Canada, Dollar Tree and more.

FourKites Platform Feature Tour: A 4-minute tour of the FourKites platform, covering the top 5 features that create value and deliver an agile and efficient supply chain, including features that were created especially for grocery retailers in mind.

Supply Chain Leader Interview Series: Short videos on how end-to-end visibility is driving the evolution of grocery retailer’s supply chains, featuring executives from Meijer, C&S Wholesale Grocers and more.

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