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Driver Apps

FourKites is committed to improving the driver experience through a growing suite of products that improve tracking quality, optimize the delivery process and streamline communications.

CarrierLink Mobile App

Over 660,000+ drivers are using CarrierLink for routing, visibility and valuable facility information to enhance their journey. Find out why CarrierLink is the most trusted free app for carriers worldwide.

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CarrierLink & Advanced Mobile

Lower navigation subscription costs

CarrierLink gives drivers access to voice-activated, truck-specific turn-by-turn navigation, eliminating unnecessary subscription costs.


Uncover more routing options

Drivers are presented with more routing options from origin to destination, and you can compare time, distance and routing costs to determine optimal routes.


Explore stop and nearby amenities

Discover places near the stop, including stores, gas stations, rest areas and stop amenities, such as restrooms, vending machines and lounges/showers.

CarrierLink & Advanced Mobile

“Once we got the app on everybody’s phones, it made a difference on the weekends. Because now when we get a phone call saying ‘Hey where’s the load?’ you don’t have to go and scramble and get your computer, find an internet connection. It’s all right there in your hand.”

Brian Stoufer, Senior Director, Transportation at Conagra Brands

Advanced Mobile

Extend the power of FourKites’ real-time connectivity to your private or dedicated fleet drivers to digitize workflows and improve tracking precision.


Capture electronic customer signatures

Leverage e-sign capabilities to confirm customer receipt at the time of delivery.


Upload mobile documents

Get real-time documents sent directly to mobile devices when shipments are delivered.


Rate delivery sites

Give your driver feedback at varying dock locations to highlight areas of service success and opportunities for improvement.


Contactless document processing

Process all proof-of-delivery and bill-of-lading documentation on smartphones from start to finish, eliminating the need for physical paperwork.

“We want to be a shipper of choice, and we wanted to bring our carriers along the journey with us. And so it was really important that we were providing real-time feedback for results, and that we were helping to support them throughout the process.”

Dawn Goudie, Senior Manager, Supply Chain, PetSmart

Over 5,500 Reviews

“Easy to Use!”

This app makes it easy to send updates and communicate with the broker without a ton of phone calls!

“Excellent Trackability Functions”

Excellent trackability functions which facilitates other support resources for carriers.

“User Friendly!”

I’m pleased with this app! It has more functions to help with detailed information about shippers and consignees.

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