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Dynamic Yard® – YMS

Yard Optimization & Automatic Task Management — All in One

Your yard is complex. It’s where all the parts of your supply chain converge into a single, bustling hub, creating coordination mayhem and inventory bottlenecks. With so much at stake, it’s time to take control and turn your yard into your competitive advantage.

Control Your Yard

Yard Management
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Yard Management

Digitize the Entire Yard Management Experience

Paper logs and spreadsheets can be inaccurate, outdated and tedious to manage. Dynamic Yard® creates a digital single source of truth that dynamically updates to reflect real-time conditions on the ground. Empower your dock, spotter and gate teams to coordinate seamlessly for maximum efficiency and revenue-generating potential.

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Trust the System That Knows Your Network Inside and Out

With such an active yard, it’s hard to keep track of the actual arrival times of each trailer — especially if they’re running behind schedule. Integrated with real-time visibility, Dynamic Yard is the only yard management system that natively tracks the ETA of each trailer, as well as time on site, to help reprioritize crews and reduce detention costs.

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Yard Management
Yard Management

Keep Teams Focused on the Mission, Not the Misses

User-specific applications take real-world data to serve up the next, most relevant task for each role. From resetting a dock due to a new ETA, to pulling a trailer exiting free detention time, or topping off a reefer unit running out of fuel — everybody knows what to do next.

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Generate Meaningful Carbon Dioxide Emissions Reductions

An idle truck burns up to a gallon of diesel per hour in the yard, generating 22.4 lbs of carbon dioxide in your supply chain. Dynamic Yard improves throughput and load efficiency, helping you reduce dwell and carbon dioxide emissions by an average of 20%.

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Yard Management

How It Works

For Spotters

Interact With the Real-time State of Your Yard

How often is the trailer you’re looking for not where the log says it is? With Dynamic Yard, yard trucks passively map each trailer to an interactive map, allowing spotters to find and retrieve a trailer within a matter of seconds, anywhere in the yard.

For Spotters
For Dock Workers

Make Your Next Move the Right One, Every Time

From dock resets to conflicting schedules, much of a dockworker’s day is spent resolving clerical errors instead of quickly and efficiently moving goods across the floor. Dynamic Yard integrates with your network to keep schedules accurate, and teams focused on the right tasks.

For Dock Workers
For Gate Guards

Reduce Queues at Your Gate

Digitally track not just drivers and their capacity, but any visitor to the yard. Keep track of each visitor and their time on site, improving dwell and log accuracy, while bolstering security. Dynamic Yard streamlines the check-in process, dramatically reducing gate queues.

For Gate Guards
For Facility Managers

Measure Your Impact at a Glance

Analyze your teams’ performance and identify bottlenecks while reducing capacity time on site, detention costs, workforce overtime, bottlenecks and more. With custom KPIs and reporting, drive efficiency and reduce costs across your teams with the platform that helps you expedite smart decision-making.

For Facility Managers

Only With FourKites

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Empower Your Teams With Real-time Visibility

From dock workers to spotters, gate guards and more, using real-time supply chain visibility helps teams make proactive decisions in the field and on the fly.

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A Single Source of Truth

Spreadsheets, paper logs and email threads can get tangled and hard to manage. Dynamic Yard unites your teams with one source of data to drive collaboration.

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A Key Part of an Integrated Ecosystem

Dynamic Yard is seamlessly integrated with the rest of the FourKites platform to give all stakeholders in your supply chain full visibility.

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Yard Management Software Solutions to Optimize Time and Capacity in the Yard

Find out how Dynamic Yard leverages real-time visibility to solve your most pressing yard management problems.

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Yard Management

Transform Your Supply Chain

FourKites supports the world’s most complex supply chains. Whether it’s life-saving medicine or groceries for family dinner, FourKites helps you deliver.

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