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Build a Strong Foundation for Sustainable Logistics

FourKites’ tools make it easy to measure and manage freight emissions. Get ready to say hello to smarter decisions, greener operations, and a future where your logistics not only makes business sense but also makes a difference.

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Track Emissions and Make Improvements With Integrated Tools

Sustainability Hub allows your teams to seamlessly collaborate and access the freight emissions data they need to make progress toward your ESG goals.

  • Customizable dashboards and reports show your total estimated emissions from FourKites-tracked freight.
  • Deep dive into emissions by mode, changes over time, and comparison to industry benchmarks.
  • Export your emissions data in a ready-to-submit format for the EPA’s SmartWay certification program with just a few clicks.
Achieve Sustainability & ESG Goals

“We use the Sustainability report to estimate greenhouse gas emissions.”

“Our private fleet just gained SmartWay Certification from the EPA and we use the Sustainability report to estimate greenhouse gas emissions, which the sustainability team can include in our 2022 Corporate Social Responsibility report. Thanks to these analytics, we are easily able to demonstrate a reduction for 2022, which will help us to expand our SmartWay certification to outbound shipments.”

– Chris Daniel, Logistics Analyst, Haworth

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Achieve Sustainability & ESG Goals

Accurately Calculate Shipment-level Emissions

See the estimated carbon emissions for each shipment with FourKites. Plus, with the ability to incorporate shipment weight into the equation, you can ensure accurate Scope 3 emissions estimates across all modes — even for less-than-truckload and air shipments, where your freight accounts for only a fraction of a vehicle’s total load. With accurate emissions estimates in hand, your team can factor environmental impact into their choice of transportation mode.

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Achieve Sustainability & ESG Goals
Achieve Sustainability & ESG Goals

Sustainability Dashboard

FourKites’ Sustainability Dashboard allows you to identify the highest sources of freight-related emissions in your supply chain.

“With FourKites’ Sustainability Dashboard, we are able to assess and validate our sustainability efforts on an ongoing basis. Combined with other FourKites visibility tools, such as Network Visibility, we are gaining fantastic insight into our supply chain.”
– Dustin Braun, Senior Director, Logistics, Land O’Lakes

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Achieve Sustainability & ESG Goals

Reduce Truck Emissions by Up to 20% in the Yard

Sustainability is born from efficiency, and with an advanced yard management system (YMS) like Dynamic Yard, efficiency is guaranteed through the optimization of your schedules to dramatically reduce idle time. In a recent study, Dynamic Yard users emitted 20% fewer carbon emissions than non-Dynamic Yard users, thanks to a reduction in truck idle time.

Read more about how a YMS can contribute to supply chain sustainability.

It Ain’t Easy Being Green — or is it?

Cardinal Health is a leading distributor of pharmaceuticals, medical and laboratory products, with operations in more than 30 countries.

The company has made tangible progress toward its sustainability goals by partnering with FourKites to unlock new opportunities. Learn how Cardinal Health is building a sustainable supply chain.


Achieve Sustainability & ESG Goals

Improve Other Performance Metrics While Achieving Your Sustainability Goals

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