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Delight Your Customers… Every Time

One thing all customers have in common today is a need for fast and accurate information about their orders. FourKites helps you meet customer demands for data, enabling them to provide a seamless experience for consumers wherever they shop — brick and mortar, e-commerce, drop shipment and everything in between.

Big Lots Improved On-Time Delivery by 20%

Learn how Big Lots kept customers happy by improving on-time delivery rates to a 10-year high, while also reducing the time spent on manual phone calls.

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Improve Customer Service

Spot Problems Before Your Customers Do

FourKites highlights at-risk shipments and possible delays long before your customers call, helping you keep your customer experience at an all-time high and avoid costly OTIF fines.

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Improve Customer Service
Improve Customer Service

Delight Your Customers with Pinpoint-Accurate ETAs

Armed with predicted arrival times that are up to 6x more accurate than carrier ETAs, your customers will love that they can confidently plan their operations around scheduled deliveries. Not only are ETAs updated in transit, but FourKites highlights incorrect planned transit times to ensure activities start — and stay — on schedule.

Learn how Armada used FourKites to predict disruptions with 96% accuracy and triage order resolutions 75% faster. Read more here.

“We’ve been able to isolate situations where FourKites showed us that we were going to fail…

…and we were able to correct the failure before it actually happens. So the customer never saw it, but it allowed us to save a load.”

– Brian Stoufer, Senior Director, Transportation, Conagra Brands

Improve Customer Service

Keep Your Customers Informed 24×7

Building customer trust and transparency shouldn’t be a time-consuming task. FourKites enables you to easily share status updates and secure live-tracking dashboards with customers using email or text notifications. We can also integrate with your existing systems for a seamless self-service experience.

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Improve Customer Service
Improve Customer Service

Stay in Sync Across Teams and Partners

What’s more frustrating to a customer than receiving no information about their order? Receiving conflicting information. FourKites gives all your teams a single-pane-of-glass view, eliminating siloed data and inconsistencies. What’s more, your internal and external customers can integrate FourKites ETAs into their order management and appointment systems to drive resource efficiency.

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“Our customers, their customers, their sales teams, people outside of transportation now have an understanding of where their customers’ trucks are.

…And that’s been a huge relief on our customer service teams. Now people outside of transportation have visibility into the true life of a load, and are able to make good decisions based off of that.”

– Erin Starliper, Transportation Manager, Ryder System, Inc.

Improve Customer Service

Improve Other Performance Metrics While Enhancing The Customer Experience

Check out these resources to learn how FourKites can help you solve your most pressing challenges:

Transform Your Supply Chain

FourKites supports the world’s most complex supply chains. Whether it’s life-saving medicine or groceries for family dinner, FourKites helps you deliver.

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