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Welcome to the Largest Supply Chain Network in the World

Find out how real-time visibility will help you grow your business and deliver unmatched customer service.

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The Value of Visibility

FourKites helps carriers spend less time sitting and more time booking high paying quality freight with the world’s largest brands.

We partner with your customers to optimize supply chains through tracking insights and network collaboration. By joining FourKites, you can create new business efficiencies and stand out from the competition.

Benefits for Carriers and Brokers


Grow Your Business By Delighting Your Customers

Digitize your business with real-time data and deliver superior service customers are looking for.


Create New Business Efficiencies and Increase Profit

Reduce scheduling conflicts, bottlenecks and dwell time so that you can maximize driver productivity and equipment utilization.


Stand Out From The Competition

Shippers put real-time visibility as one of the top reasons for selecting carrier partners. Differentiate your business and connect with the #1 visibility solution in the world.


“In a relatively short time on the platform, USA Truck has already achieved marked improvements in onboarding, on-time delivery, dwell, utilization and customer satisfaction. The value of real-time visibility data and predictive insights has never been more important for the entire logistics community.”

George Henry, SVP of Logistics at USA Truck

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Get Connected in Minutes

Plug into the largest global supply chain network on the planet with just a few clicks. Fast, flexible and always 100% secure. FourKites Connect is a free, simple, self-service tool to guide you through connecting to the FourKites platform. Just a few clicks and you’ll be up and running… it’s that simple.

Join the FourKites Network


Free CarrierLink® Mobile App – The Ultimate Trucker Toolkit

Over a half a million carriers use the free FourKites mobile app for instant tracking and valuable tools to make your trip more efficient and more enjoyable.

  • Start tracking with FourKites immediately without any ELD/GPS connectivity
  • Truck-specific turn-by-turn navigation shows you ideal route options
  • Facility Profiles and Ratings helps you discover places near your stop and facility amenities, such as restrooms, vending machines and lounges/showers

Learn more about CarrierLink mobile app.

The FourKites Premier Carrier List

We love when our carriers and customers succeed and every quarter we publish the best of the best. The global standard in carrier excellence, the FourKites Premier Carrier List recognizes the top-performing carriers, brokers and 3PLs for the world’s leading brands.

Find out who’s on the list and what it takes to be included.


Your Data Privacy and Security Is Our Top Priority

FourKites doesn’t track vehicles, we track active loads. That means we only collect data from the time the truck is en route to pick up to delivery. Only your customers associated with an individual load will receive tracking information and we never share your data with outside parties.

With FourKites, you have complete control and can turn connections on or off at any time. As the world’s largest visibility network, we work hand in hand with partners who adhere to the most stringent security certifications such as SOC2 and Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Review FourKites privacy policy.


FourKites Carrier Resource Center

We’re always looking for ways to help our carrier partners through great technology and educational content. From instructional videos to our quarterly newsletter and webinars, you’ll find all the tools to help your business grow.

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Get Started – It’s Free

FourKites Connect is a free, simple, self-service tool to guide you through connecting to the FourKites platform.

Join the FourKites Network