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Appointment Manager

Eliminate Manual Slot Booking Processes With Appointment Manager

Appointment-setting processes can be a bottleneck for both your inventory and your team’s productivity. Automated scheduling and live network connectivity keep calendars current, capacity moving and teams productive.

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Appointment Management
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FourKites is the First Real-Time Visibility Platform Participating in the Scheduling Standards Consortium

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Appointment Management
Appointment Management

Reduce Phone Calls and Emails With a Carrier-facing Self-service Tool

Did you know that each employee can spend up to 8 hours a week maintaining carrier communications and updating schedules? Appointment Manager allows you to securely share your calendar with your carrier network to let them pick the best time slot for their needs. Infinitely configurable to your business rules, create calendars by commodity, carrier and more to customize your experience.

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Keep Schedules Current With Adaptive Appointments That Track Real-world Events

How frequently are your teams rushing to reschedule appointment times based on unexpected delays? Connect real-time network visibility to track each appointment, and alert teams to any changes before they occur. With dynamic scheduling, teams can manage their workflows with confidence.

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Appointment Management
Appointment Management

Slash Dwell Times and Congestion to Advance Sustainability Initiatives

A driver spends an average of 4 hours a day waiting in truck queues, resulting in 4 gallons of diesel burned and nearly 90 pounds of CO2 released into the atmosphere. You can change this! With automated calendar updates, your teams can eliminate truck congestion, reducing detention fees and carbon dioxide emissions at your facility.

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Track Appointment Compliance Across Your Network

Carriers constantly reshuffling appointments? Your team needs consistency. Drill in to see trends on appointment compliance across your network to drive continuous improvement, inform carrier selection, and operate with confidence. Fully configurable to your needs, make sure your teams are always set up for success and root out non-compliance.

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Appointment Management

How It Works

Infinitely Customizable

Build Calendars Around Your Exact Needs

Need a carrier to deliver on a specific day of the week? Want to limit the number of live deliveries? No problem! Establish specific business rules for each of your sites, keeping the platform aligned to your needs.

Infinitely Customizable
Fully Connected

Create an Intelligent Calendar

Seamlessly connected to the FourKites network, each appointment tracks the ETA of the inbound truck, allowing teams to quickly adjust schedules in advance to reduce missed appointments and dock resets.

Fully Connected
Automated & Intelligent

Book a Whole Week With the Touch of a Button

Integrate a TMS or allow carriers to bulk-upload tendered freight at the start of the week, automatically scheduling each load based on planned delivery. FourKites’ AutoBooker helps teams focus on high-value tasks, saving up to 8 hours of work per week.

Automated & Intelligent

Scale at Your Own Pace

Activate a new site within a matter of minutes, including carrier access, custom calendars, unique business rules and more — all independently and without the need for IT involvement.


“We are scheduling approximately 1,200 appointments per month in Appointment Manager…

…resulting in 300 fewer emails per day and 480 minutes of saved time daily (8 minutes per appointment). In addition to the email and time savings, on-time delivery on live unload shipments has improved by 10% due to the ability to secure the live load pick up in a timely manner.”

– Tony Poole, Senior Transportation Manager at Kimberly-Clark

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Appointment Management

Only With FourKites

Enable Teams With Real-Time Visibility

From dock workers to logistics planners, carrier representatives and beyond, using real-time visibility with predictive ETAs empowers teams to make proactive decisions in the field and on the fly.

Collaborate Through Your Single Source of Truth

Spreadsheets, paper logs and email threads are impossible to manage. Appointment Manager digitizes and consolidates schedules so your teams and partners are collaborating and communicating in one, unified platform.

Track Your Supply Chain Performance

Tap into Appointment Manager’s reporting capabilities to scorecard carrier performance and compliance, facility metrics, capacity utilization, arrival success and more.

Improve Service With the Only Fully Integrated Appointment Scheduler

Dynamic appointment information is crucial to operating in tight timeframes and improving customer service. From OIS to Dynamic Yard®, FourKites applications leverage Appointment Manager data to help you make smarter decisions, faster.

Transform Your Supply Chain

FourKites supports the world’s most complex supply chains. Whether it’s life-saving medicine or groceries for family dinner, FourKites helps you deliver.

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