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Welcome to the era of end-to-end supply chain orchestration. At FourKites, we’re not just transforming your supply chain ecosystem. We’re redefining how you think about it.

By connecting you with powerful machine learning and the industry’s largest data set, we empower you to take control like never before. Armed with predictive insights and real-time information, you can make smarter, more proactive decisions. FourKites and you: Together we’re redefining supply chain management to give you a definitive competitive advantage.

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  • Network Visibility
  • Lane Connect
  • Appointment Manager
  • Dynamic Yard
  • Insights
  • Recommendation Engine
  • Data Science
  • Multi-modal Coverage
  • FourKites Predictive Visibility Platform

Network Solutions

Backed by the world’s largest supply chain data network and powerful machine learning algorithms, you’ll transform previous blind spots into endless opportunities for collaboration and improvement both within and outside of your organization. Drive higher levels of productivity, utilization and efficiency across your end-to-end supply chain.

Network Solutions

Network Visibility

Find your suppliers and receivers on the world’s largest freight visibility platform; fuse the power of AI with total personal control; and share visibility on your own terms with your supply chain partners.

Network Solutions

Lane Connect

Harness the power of the FourKites network to eliminate empty miles and volatility from your supply chain through trusted, collaborative partnerships. Lane Connect conducts a lane-by-lane analysis of your supply chain network to identify opportunities where partners can collaborate to reduce empty backhaul miles.

Arrival Management Applications

Gain visibility into no-shows, and early and late arrivals, creating opportunities for more proactive planning, increased efficiency and better collaboration between warehouses, facilities and carriers.

Arrival Management Applications

Appointment Manager

Utilize one common platform for facilities, shippers, carriers, 3PLs and vendors to collaborate and efficiently schedule manual or automated appointments.

Arrival Management Applications

Dynamic Yard

Receive an integrated, real-time view of yard and transportation operations to proactively manage your warehouse or DC. Create additional capacity, reduce expenses and improve the experience for drivers and facility staff.

Analytics Applications

From revolutionary data visualization tools that highlight supply chain trends, to predictive intelligence that lets you make proactive freight management decisions, our suite of advanced analytics products drives better decision-making across your organization.

Analytics Applications


Unlock the key health indicators in your supply chain to improve performance by carrier, customer, facility and lane. Identify trends that optimize planning to avoid unnecessary fines.

Analytics Applications

Recommendation Engine

Proactively manage your supply chain in real time with prescriptive recommendations from pickup to delivery.

Core Platform & Multi-modal Coverage

FourKites eliminates blind spots and uses machine learning to give you real-time visibility today, and insights to make smarter future decisions via one single platform of record. Tracking over 150 data points per load, and more than 600,000 loads per day across all modes, FourKites has the largest network of supply chain data on the planet, powering proactive decision-making for all supply chain partners.

Core Platform & Multi-modal Coverage

Data Science

We believe in putting data to work to make our platform and your ecosystem work better for you. Our powerful machine learning provides actionable insights that help you make smarter decisions along every step of the journey.

Core Platform & Multi-modal Coverage

Multi-modal Coverage

With a network of more than four million GPS/ELD devices, FourKites covers all modes, including truckload, LTL, ocean, rail, intermodal, last mile and parcel.

FourKites Predictive Visibility Platform

FourKites is system-agnostic, aggregating data from carriers, ELDs, TMS, ERP, dispatch, and other sources to provide you with a single source of truth that maximizes collaboration and eliminates siloes. Not only will you see your shipments in real time, but you’ll know when they will arrive, and be empowered to proactively manage shipments at risk.

Largest Network

A connected ecosystem from a trusted resource. That’s our promise to you. We lead the industry, bringing together real-time visibility for more of the world’s largest shippers, carriers and 3PLs than any other platform in the world.

End-to-End Supply
Chain Orchestration

“Within the first three months of FourKites Deployment in February 2018, we saw a 60% decrease in internal calls.”

– Meghan Reilly, Transportation Technology, C&S Wholesale Grocers