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FourKites Platform

Transform Your Supply Chain with Visibility Everywhere™

Supply chain visibility is more than just dots on a map. By tracking inventory, shipments and orders FourKites illuminates hidden risks and inefficiencies across your entire network helping you save money and serve your customers better.

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FourKites Platform Diagram


It Starts With Data

FourKites is the largest network of supply chain data on the planet. We track 3 million shipments daily, covering over 62 billion miles annually, and we capture 150+ unique data points at every geolocation update.

See Everything, Everywhere

By integrating with your existing technology, FourKites pulls in critical enterprise data, combining real-time tracking data with information around your orders, inventory and customer commitments. The result? The most accurate, comprehensive view of your end-to-end supply chain across every SKU, shipment, order and facility.


Patented AI Transforms Data Into Actions

Our algorithms are trained on petabytes of data from the world’s most complex supply chains, becoming smarter with every single shipment that flows through our platform. That’s how we uncover the hidden risks in your supply chain that matter to each member of your team, and provide them with actionable insights and proactive recommendations.

A Powerful Suite of Applications to Transform Your Business

FourKites applications work with your existing enterprise systems (ERP, TMS, WMS and more) and leverage real-time supply chain data to give you insights never before possible. From transportation and order visibility to yard management and appointment setting, see how FourKites can help you transform your supply chain.


Lightning-Fast Problem Solving with AI at Your Fingertips

What can you do with the world’s largest repository of supply chain data at your fingertips? FourKites puts that data to work with Fin AI — the FourKites Intelligence Network — the most advanced natural language interface that helps you tackle your toughest supply chain challenges. With Fin AI, you can surface buried insights; identify opportunities for optimization; and automate time-consuming tasks to keep your supply chain moving forward.


Transform Your Supply Chain

FourKites supports the world’s most complex supply chains. Whether it’s life-saving medicine or groceries for family dinner, FourKites helps you deliver.

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