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Inventory Visibility

Optimize Inventory Management With Real-time Visibility

FourKites Inventory Visibility integrates seamlessly, offering live inventory views across your platform. Identify potential stockout risks, address overstock or understock issues promptly, and track inventory flow across your entire supply chain – in transit and on-site. Stop waiting around for end-of-day batch processes to make decisions. Help your teams prioritize the biggest issues, ensure a cost-effective supply chain, and manage inventory with confidence.

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Inventory Visibility
Inventory Visibility

Bridge the Gap Between Transportation, Storage and Transfers for a 360˚ View of Your Inventory

Inventory Visibility combines your enterprise-wide site-level inventory with goods in transit to give you the whole picture of your entire supply chain. Incorporating real-time supply chain insights, Inventory Visibility helps teams manage site inventory more accurately.

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Gain Earlier Insights to Potential Stockouts and Order Cuts Ahead of Time

Free your supply chain from costly expedites with an AI-powered approach to understanding your inventory. FourKites analyzes your network against your commitments to alert teams to potential issues before they become problems.

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Inventory Visibility
Inventory Visibility

Access Inventory Data and Projections In Real-Time

Avoid waiting for a report to run overnight or over the weekend – you can get real-time answers about your inventory situation now, including any potential exceptions and risks, for a full view that your teams can depend on.

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Prioritize Highest-Value Risks With A Dynamic Forecast at Each Site

Integrate your enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform to quantify the value of potential stockouts alongside FourKites’ real-time tracking to help prioritize and determine the best solution with the full risk in view.

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Inventory Visibility

Only With FourKites

Designed to Analyze Data From Every System

Only FourKites can harness real-time logistics and supply chain data from across your systems to deliver actionable insights across your teams. FourKites was built to analyze data from your ERP, WMS, OMS, YMS and more. With all of this data FourKites can provide deep-cutting recommendations to help you and your partners make the right decisions — fast.

Collaborate Faster Across Teams

From logistics to finance, purchasing, inventory management, sales, customer service and more, FourKites delivers relevant supply chain information to those who need it. Enriched with AI-generated insights, each stakeholder is empowered to move your company toward lower costs and better execution with a trusted framework for coordination.

Predict, Manage, Adapt — All in One Platform

Armed with FourKites’ advanced analytics, your logistics network can now not only predict conditions for disruptions in advance but uncover systemic inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement. With a global, multimodal perspective, FourKites helps your teams understand how your supply chain truly operates to build stronger, more informed strategies for the future.

View Your Supply In A Way That Makes Sense

While your logistics operations might handle your supply chain at the shipment or load level, your customer-facing teams are likely more focused on the order. FourKites gives teams the flexibility to view data within the context that makes sense for their objectives so they can act faster and more independently. And by enabling faster exception resolution, you’ll keep your customers happier and improve retention.

Transform Your Supply Chain

FourKites supports the world’s most complex supply chains. Whether it’s life-saving medicine or groceries for family dinner, FourKites helps you deliver.

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