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End-to-End Visibility, Down to the Parcel Level

From an exclusive strategic partnership with FedEx that provides the most complete picture of your entire supply chain operations, to deeper visibility down to the SKU level, FourKites helps you see it all — with tracking starting in hours, not weeks.

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Decrease Transportation Costs

Shipping an LTL load differs from a parcel load when it comes to shipping costs. Track your shipments down to the PO and SKU level, understand where you are accumulating dwell time and bottlenecks, and optimize your supply chain to lower transportation costs.

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Provide Superior Customer Service

Make customer service a your competitive differentiator. Leverage FourKites’ industry-leading Dynamic ETAs®, and automated alerts and notifications to communicate with your customers every step of the way and reduce the need for manual updates. Your customers will thank you!

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Increase Operational Efficiency

Improve resource utilization, enhance demand planning and properly manage your inventory. With FourKites, you’ll get real-time alerts for shipment milestones via direct integrations with the top parcel carriers, more accurate predictive ETAs, and the ability to manage exceptions as they occur — all in a single pane of glass.

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FourKites X

FedEx is an important part of your network and a key part in servicing your customers. Make sure you’re optimizing your approach to these shipments.

With FourKites X, FedEx and FourKites are collaborating to make supply chains smarter by bringing comprehensive and highly granular visibility into multi-modal and multi-carrier operations with the deep network and rich insights of their combined networks.

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Track Split Shipments

Whether your load is split into one or 10 shipments, FourKites provides detailed visibility into each shipment in real time, along with predictive ETAs for every leg of the shipment’s journey — allowing you to optimize labor planning.

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Easily Create Loads

Quickly and easily create new shipments with limited information. Leverage APIs or reference numbers to pull shipment information and start tracking in hours!

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Gain Visibility into Terminals

Terminals are important in the process of consolidating shipments, and they’re equally important in understanding the visibility of your shipments. FourKites intelligently identifies terminal stops for deeper visibility into your loads in transit.

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“It was a very quick turnaround for the FourKites team…

We needed to focus on getting parcel mode onto the platform. We have a large order volume with that mode and with UPS as a major carrier, that we had not had on the FourKites platform previously. It was a very quick turnaround for the FourKites team — it took only a couple days to a week before we were able to bring up that parcel tracking and have it available.”

– Kaitlyn DeSpiegler, Global Transport Specialist at 3M


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End-to-End Multimodal Visibility

Get critical shipment information for every leg of your multimodal journey — connected with granular end-to-end visibility in a single, unified platform.

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Start Tracking in Minutes

FourKites’ connected network of global shippers, carriers and freight forwarders allows for rapid time to value. With a robust integration with 20+ carriers already connected, you can start tracking your parcel loads in just minutes!

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Most Accurate Predictive ETAs

Achieve higher customer satisfaction, on-time delivery, and more efficient operations and demand planning with FourKites’ Dynamic ETAs — 6x more accurate than carrier ETAs.

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To Quadrillion & Beyond:

What FourKites’ Collaboration with FedEx Means for Our Customers and the Industry

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Transform Your Supply Chain

FourKites supports the world’s most complex supply chains. Whether it’s life-saving medicine or groceries for family dinner, FourKites helps you deliver.

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