Dynamic Ocean

Transform your ocean shipping with real-time visibility, document management, collaboration and much more.


Dynamic Ocean

The Next Generation of Ocean Visibility is Here

Go beyond just shipment visibility and transform your entire international shipping operation. FourKites is the only solution that gives you end-to-end precision tracking, the most accurate predictive ETAs plus powerful workflow, document management and collaboration, and can easily integrate with your existing TMS.

Go Beyond With FourKites

Modernize your international shipping with end-to-end visibility and next-level workflow and collaboration solutions


Go Beyond Container Tracking

Now you can have all your critical shipment information in one place. With FourKites, you get accurate real-time cargo visibility and a digital hub for all your critical international shipping documents.


Go Beyond Web Scraping Data

Don’t just rely on web scraping for your tracking. We leverage multiple data sources – EDI, real-time AIS, terminal data and more to give you the most accurate tracking visibility on the market.


Go Beyond Port-to-Port Tracking

Track your critical shipments from door-to-door with a single solution that gives you accurate and dynamic ETAs every step of your ocean journey – ocean, port, dray, rail, road and yard.

End-to-End Tracking

Track your ocean cargo with satellite precision from dock to delivery. Stay on top of any delays with Dynamic ETAs and alerts. Seamlessly track your end-to-end shipments across road, rail, ocean, air and yard in one unified platform giving you a single pane of glass for every shipment.

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Dynamic Ocean
Dynamic Ocean

A Secure Digital Hub for All Your Documents

Break away from disorganized, cluttered email inboxes and create a single, digital hub for all your international shipping documents. With FourKites, you can easily define workflows, alerts and notifications based on your unique documentation requirements to ensure you have the right documentation, accurate, in-full, and on-time reducing fees, and ensuring your cargo never gets delayed.

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The Most Accurate Ocean Tracking Data

Get the most reliable and accurate ocean data on the market. We track 99% of global ocean traffic with direct integrations via EDI 315 and APIs with major ocean carriers, real-time AIS data, terminal data, dray carrier integration and more.

Dynamic Ocean
Dynamic Ocean

Seamless Booking Support

Secure container bookings with enhanced integrations to TMS and freight forwarders to provide up-to-date sailing schedules, carrier connectivity, and real-time notifications to rolled cargo.

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Workflows and Collaboration for Global teams

With FourKites, never miss a task for your ocean shipments. Our real-time messaging tools are organized around shipments and workflow. Our automated templates set up and trigger tasks, set permissions, and prepare documents in alignment with the needs of your global teams.

Dynamic Ocean
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Playbook: Mitigating Risk In Ocean Freight With End-to-End Visibility

Read this playbook to learn how end-to-end visibility provides reliable, real-time data that empowers shippers to save on freight costs, eliminate surprises and optimize operations.


Dynamic Ocean

True End-to-End Multimodal Visibility

Seamlessly track your freight across road, rail, ocean, air and yard in one unified platform. With FourKites, you get the most advanced features for multimodal tracking giving you a single pane of glass and dynamic ETAs for every shipment.


Connect with the Largest Global Network of Carriers

Our predictive ETAs and real-time alerts ensure your supply chain runs smoothly — no matter what happens along the way.

global carrier network



Finally… a Real Solution for Accurate LTL Visibility

We’ve tracked over 3.4 billion miles of LTL shipments, which means our ETAs are 6x more accurate than others in the industry.

More About Our LTL Solution


Billion Miles


Gain Unprecedented Visibility into Your Ocean Shipments

We have your global shipping covered with integrations that cover 99% of global container traffic, over 750 ports and powerful workflow for managing international shipping documents.

global container traffic

Global Ocean Traffic


Track Your Rail and Intermodal Shipments with Ease

FourKites integrates the rail leg of a trip into the broader context of a load’s journey, adjusting ETAs accordingly and offering a single source of truth for your load’s entire journey.


Rail Terminals


Gain Real-Time Updates on Your Critical Air Freight

No matter how many freight forwarders are handling your air freight, FourKites acts as a “single pane of glass”, so you can maintain total visibility between airports and over-the-road to final destination.

air freight tracking


Parcel - Courier

Eliminate Surprises with Your Parcel and Courier Shipments

The only solution that gives you detailed last-mile tracking and real-time status updates at an individual pallet and tote level.

parcel tracking

Monthly Parcel & Courier Loads

Dynamic Ocean

The Fastest Time to Value With Expert Implementation and Support Every Step of the Way

With a proven track record of the most successful global implementations, our expert teams support every step of your visibility journey. From carrier onboarding and user adoption to measuring the impact and your big-picture supply chain transformation strategy, our teams are there.

Leading Brands Choose FourKites for Their Ocean Freight Management

“The FourKites ocean solution has reduced our booking time from 2 hours to 30 minutes through which we have been able to become very competitive and aggressive with our offerings. We have also seen tangible savings dues to this.”

– Charlie Cunnion, VP Global Transportation, International Forest Products

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“It Doesn’t Get Better Than FourKites”

FourKites has been awesome to work with. They’re very responsive and helpful with any questions or concerns. I can tell they genuinely care about the people and companies they work with and our partnership with FourKites is one that has grown over the last couple of years to be something great for both parties.

“FourKites – Best In Class For Load Tracking”

FourKites has been one of the easiest vendors to work with in terms of implementation and integration. This company really strives to deliver value to their customers. The UI for load tracking is well thought out and easy to use.

“Delighted By FourKites”

 True partnership with our company. FourKites personnel always goes beyond the expectations. For example, they have helped with us with not only the implementation of their platform within our organization but also with the “monetization” of benefits which could be realized in the future.

“Fourkites Improves Customer Communication & Confidence”

We’ve integrated Fourkites shipment information into our system to provide live shipment status to our customers, improving communication and customer relationships.

“Customer Driven, Continuously Improving”

Implementation team was professional and thorough and transition to ongoing support was smooth. FourKites is constantly developing and improving and is driven by customer input and feedback.

“Customer Centric Company With Quick Response Times”

They’re quick to respond to questions or problems. If they don’t have the solution, they’re quick to find someone who does and provides you with a resolution. I’ve noticed most (if not all) employees I’ve encountered have encouraging attitudes which helps keep my attitude positive.

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