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Prepare for Ocean Disruptions With the Leader in Ocean Visibility

Transform your international shipping operations with increased visibility into ocean freight moves, real-time terminal intelligence, exception management and more. Take your supply chain to new heights with end-to-end, multimodal visibility in a single, easy-to-use platform.

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Ocean Freight Tracking and Shipment Visibility
1,500+ of the World’s Biggest Brands Trust FourKites
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Ocean Freight Tracking and Shipment Visibility

Reduce Fines and Fees

FourKites automatically alerts you to containers that will incur demurrage and detention fees, so you can take proactive steps to reroute them. Save money, increase customer satisfaction and keep inventory moving to its final destination.

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Optimize International Operations

Analyze data across your end-to-end supply chain to optimize your international operations with actionable intelligence. Leverage historical data to identify bottlenecks and performance issues across carriers, lanes and ports, and build a more resilient supply chain.

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Ocean Freight Tracking and Shipment Visibility
Ocean Freight Tracking and Shipment Visibility

Improve Customer Satisfaction

FourKites makes it easy to update your customers with highly accurate ETAs and ETDs, self-service tracking links and advance notice of delayed containers, ensuring that they always have the latest information via one unified platform.

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Receive More Accurate ETAs and ETDs

Global shippers need visibility from door to door, not just port to port. FourKites’ market-leading Dynamic ETAs® are generated through each leg of the multimodal journey, so a delay at the port is automatically reflected in the ETA at the final destination.

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Manage Exceptions as They Occur

Proactively manage delayed or at-risk inventory with the leading exception management tools. See which containers are — or will soon be — incurring fees, and prioritize those containers by the amount of incurred fees, the financial impact of goods or the type of cargo.

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Gain Visibility Into Global Ports and Terminals

Terminals are typically a black hole of data, making it difficult for shippers to know if their cargo has made it to the next leg of its journey. With unprecedented visibility into global terminals, FourKites connects each leg of the journey for a complete picture of your international freight.

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“With FourKites, we’ve been able to elevate our ocean freight experience, and connect the dots…

…with other modes, to truly differentiate ourselves in the market. Our customers and partners appreciate FourKites’ simple, modern interface, and the transparency it creates across their supply chain.”

– Brian Aldridge, SVP Sales, at RCS Logistics

Ocean Freight Tracking and Shipment Visibility

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End-to-End Multimodal Visibility

Gain critical shipment information for every leg of your multimodal journey, connected with true end-to-end visibility in a single, unified platform.

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Most Accurate Predictive ETAs

Achieve higher customer satisfaction, on-time delivery, and more efficient operations and demand planning with FourKites’ Dynamic ETAs — 6x more accurate than carrier ETAs.

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Visibility in 5 Days or Less

Joining FourKites gives you access to a global network of shippers, 85+ carriers and freight forwarders, and an implementation partner that is dedicated to your success. The result? Start tracking your ocean shipments in 5 days or less.

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The Great Reset: Ocean Shipping in a Post-Pandemic World

A comprehensive look at this past year, the current state of ocean shipping and predictions for the year ahead.

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Ocean Freight Tracking and Shipment Visibility

Transform Your Supply Chain

FourKites supports the world’s most complex supply chains. Whether it’s life saving medicine or groceries for family dinner, FourKites helps you deliver.

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