Our Partners

From GPS and telematics partners to industry-leading systems integrators, we’re proud to partner with global leaders in technology and transportation solutions.

TMS & ERP Partners

With so many systems serving different purposes along your global supply chain, comprehensive integrations are more important than ever. FourKites integrates with the leading Transportation Management Systems and Enterprise Resource Planning platforms, enabling us to automatically ingest data and start tracking. The odds are good we support all of your integration needs.

Consulting Firms and Systems Integrators

FourKites works alongside the most experienced consulting firms and systems integrators to bring thought leadership and robust technical workflows to your supply chain. Below are just a few of our strategic partnerships.

GPS, Telematics, and ELD Partners

FourKites’ robust network of GPS, ELD & Telematics partners gives us real-time visibility into where your shipments are at any moment, so you can leave check calls behind. We integrate with hundreds of providers and regularly add to the list.

Carrier Dispatch Partners

FourKites integrates with all of the major carrier dispatch systems, enabling us to automatically ingest data and start tracking – no manual upload required.

Here’s how FourKites works

FourKites applies powerful machine learning to the largest supply chain data network on the planet to give you the real-time visibility and insights you need to make smarter decisions across your end-to-end supply chain.

At FourKites, the only constant is innovation

FourKites always looks for opportunities to optimize end-to-end supply chain orchestration — whether that’s through new workflows or innovative solutions.

Seamless system integrations

Our products seamlessly integrate with existing technology platforms to get you up and running quickly.

Join the largest supply chain network

When you partner with FourKites, you tap into our massive data repository, gaining access to unprecedented insights, accurate predictive capabilities and actionable intelligence that you can apply across your entire ecosystem.

Excellent service is in our DNA

With access to millions of GPS-connected devices and advanced machine learning, FourKites ensures we always have answers to your most complex supply chain challenges.

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See what our partners are saying about FourKites

Hear why K&B Transportation chose to partner with FourKites, and how it’s now able to provide customers with accurate tracking information on their shipments.


Partner with FourKites today

At FourKites, we know that finding the right partner can be game-changing. Contact a member of our team today to see if FourKites is the right fit for you.

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