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Inbound Visibility

An Unprecedented Look Into Your Inbound Vendors’ Supply Chains

Your inbound supply chain is a crucial component of your business’ success. From crafting tight production schedules to satisfying customer demands, you need clarity on your inbound orders every step of the way – without needing to ask for updates.

FourKites Inbound Visibility is a single platform providing teams with real-time insight into the status of vendor-controlled freight, including alerts for at-risk shipments and recommended actions to take. Teams can depend on earlier exceptions and reliable, AI-generated ETAs to make decisions that avoid shutdowns, stockouts, and costly expedites.

Take Control of Your Inbound

Inbound Visibility
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Inbound Visibility

Access a Single System For All Inbound Freight

Manually tracking each order, whether in a single container or spread across multiple, is a time-consuming, error-prone process. Combine all inbound visibility into a single view to help teams focus on managing exceptions rather than spending time hunting for them.

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Give More Teams Access to Supply Chain Information

FourKites opens up your supply chain to merchandisers, procurement, supply planners, sales and more in the context they need so that they can get updates on orders and products on their own, without shipment-level noise.

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Inbound Visibility

“FourKites’ Inbound Supplier Visibility has enhanced our warehouse and labor productivity significantly…

The ability to track SKU-level details across both managed and unmanaged freight with FourKites’ Inbound Supplier Visibility has enhanced our warehouse and labor productivity significantly. In addition, it has helped us improve our in-stock position and has also provided supply planners a self-service approach to find their loads.”

– Brett Frankenberg, Senior Vice President of Supply Chain Planning & Inventory Management, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated

Inbound Visibility
Inbound Visibility

Detect Exceptions Earlier In The Order Process

A lot can happen to an order before it reaches the last leg of its journey. Shed light on its performance, even in the part of its move that isn’t directly connected to you, including seeing potential order shorts at the point of purchase order creation at your vendor.

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Automate Vendor Chargebacks At the Point of Failure

Your SLAs are defined for a reason, and if they’re not adhered to, you’re entitled to the chargeback. FourKites automates the risk identification process and sends the reasons via order callbacks to the system of your choice, maximizing your valid chargeback claims and avoiding potential misses.

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Inbound Visibility

Designed for the Most Complex Global Supply Chains

Gartner rates FourKites as the top-scoring supply chain visibility solution for the most advanced use cases. Find out why over 50% of the Fortune 500 relies on FourKites for real-time visibility.

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Inbound Visibility

How It Works

Global Network Insights

See Vendor Controlled Freight Across The Globe

FourKites connects across your supply chain to vendors and providers, serving up a single view of the darkest corners of your supply chain. See vendor-controlled freight with the same detail-rich information as you do with your own network.

Global Network Insights
Product-Level Views

Access Product-Specific Details

Most teams that rely on supply chain information only care about what specific products or orders are in them. Save the effort of logging into multiple systems and cross-referencing information by serving a single, network-wide view of a single commodity or order.

Product-Level Views
Early Exception Notifications

Stretch Lead Times to Finding Resolutions

Whether your order gets stuck at a shipyard or a rail terminal, you might not know something is amiss until it doesn’t arrive the day you expect it to. FourKites Inbound Visibility alerts your teams from before a shipment is tendered at the point of creation to any issues for the most possible time to find a solution.

Early Exception Notifications
AI-Enhanced Shipping

Harness FourKites AI Trained On The Largest Dataset

Your vendors may not be technologically sophisticated, and that’s okay. Access cutting-edge AI-driven insights, including Dynamic ETAs, on vendor-shipped orders to help bridge the gap between your technology expectations and their limitations.

AI-Enhanced Shipping

Only With FourKites

Designed to Analyze Data From Every System

Only FourKites can harness real-time logistics and supply chain data from across all your systems – ERP, RTTV, WMS, OMS, YMS & More – to deliver actionable insights across your teams. FourKites provides real-time alerts and risk assessments to help you and your partners make the right decisions — fast.

Collaborate Faster Across Teams

From logistics to finance, inventory management, sales, customer service and more, FourKites delivers relevant supply chain information to those who need it. Enriched with AI-generated insights, each stakeholder is empowered to move your company toward lower costs and better execution with a trusted framework for coordination.

Predict, Manage, Adapt — All in One Platform

Armed with FourKites’ advanced analytics, your logistics network can now not only predict conditions for disruptions in advance but uncover systemic inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement. With a global, multimodal perspective, FourKites helps your teams understand how your supply chain truly operates to build stronger, more informed strategies for the future.

View Your Supply In A Way That Makes Sense

While your logistics operations might handle your supply chain at the shipment or load level, your customer-facing teams are likely more focused on the order. FourKites allows teams to view data within the context that makes sense for their objectives so that they can act faster and more independently. And by enabling faster exception resolution, you’ll keep your customers happier and improve retention.

“We’re seeing the benefit of reducing a lot of manual work…

…Whether it’s the folks on the dock, in procurement, or our transportation planners, they’re able to leverage the tool so they can focus on other important parts of the business. Planners, for example, used to send probably 30 emails to find the status of a load. With FourKites, it takes just one click, so we can focus on recovery.”

– Erik Widestrom, Transportation Lead, Supply Chain Transformation, Boston Beer Company

Inbound Visibility

Transform Your Supply Chain

FourKites supports the world’s most complex supply chains. Whether it’s life-saving medicine or groceries for family dinner, FourKites helps you deliver.