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Right-Size Inventory

Unlock SKU-level insight into orders — paired with predictive ETAs and powerful analytics — to maximize efficiencies in your inventory operations and meet service level commitments.

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Meet Demand While Reducing Safety Stock

How can you ensure that you have enough product or material to keep production lines moving and meet customer commitments without loading up on excess safety stock? Even in line-down scenarios and crisis management, this balance comes down to having a holistic view of inventory in transit and across your sites. With FourKites, planners can see inventory levels across their network — including inbound shipments shared from partners — to understand the impact on product availability downstream.

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Right-Size Inventory

“Looking at the actual lead time with confidence is critical to driving lower inventory and improving cash flow…”

With the FourKites platform, you can compare what the planned lead time is for your inventory to the actual lead time. When you put those two things together, you can see where there’s waste. Looking at the actual lead time with confidence is critical to driving lower inventory and improving cash flow.”

– Tom France, VP Global Distribution, Logistics and Transportation,
Trane Technologies

Right-Size Inventory
Right-Size Inventory

Predict Transit Time Variability for Expedited Decision-making

With comprehensive insights into actual vs. planned transit times and variability on ocean shipments, inventory planners can optimize stock planning with accurate performance information rather than relying on bloated estimates. Make informed decisions to reduce transit time and free up days of working capital.

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Accelerate Order-to-Cash Cycle Time

By reducing transit times in your supply chain, you can significantly impact working capital without painful cost-cutting. FourKites enables you to increase supply chain velocity and lower total landed costs by reducing dwell time throughout the journey of your shipments. And with connected visibility throughout your technology ecosystem, FourKites accelerates revenue recognition by triggering real-time financial system updates based on shipment activity.

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Right-Size Inventory

“In the end, FourKites has helped not only improve visibility within our supply chain, but it’s actually reduced the amount of time it takes for us to get material into the hands of our end users.”

– Robert Taglione, Transportation Manager, T-Mobile

Right-Size Inventory
Right-Size Inventory

Eliminate Inventory Blindspots in the Yard

Without proper visibility into the yard and warehouse, it’s easy to lose track of inventory. This results in wasteful double-ordering and exacerbates warehouse capacity challenges. FourKites’ Dynamic Yard® tracks each inbound order, not just by trailer and PO number, but by each individual SKU. With passive RFID technology and IoT integration, the platform quickly tells teams where items are in the yard to help them respond to customer or production demand.

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Improve Other Performance Metrics While Right-Sizing Your Inventory

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FourKites supports the world’s most complex supply chains. Whether it’s life-saving medicine or groceries for family dinner, FourKites helps you deliver.

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