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The Intelligent Way to Do More With Less

Your staff is your most precious asset. But hiccups in arrival times or time-consuming manual processes can drive costs up with wasted labor resources. Supply chain visibility helps you maximize productivity and collaboration, without sacrificing service or adding cost.

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KeHE used FourKites to streamline communication, deliver exceptional customer service, and uphold a 99% accuracy rate on order delivery.

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Increase Team Productivity

Everything Your Teams Need, All in One Place

With FourKites, in-transit and at-rest tracking information for all modes and nodes of your supply chain is aggregated into a single view.

Connect stakeholders across your entire organization — and your partners — to the data they need, without the hassle of multiple systems and logins. Integrate all of this intelligence back into your enterprise systems to expedite decision-making and take action.

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Increase Team Productivity

“With FourKites it’s all in one place…

It used to be a lot of manual tracking. We were asking carriers for updates over email or calling them over the phone or checking websites. With FourKites it’s all in one place, and it’s a lot easier to use. We even have our dealer management system updated to include direct links to the FourKites tracking, so it’s just a click away for our dealers and our customers.”

– Chris Daniel, Logistics Analyst, Haworth

Increase Team Productivity
Increase Team Productivity

Predict and Prevent Disruptions to Keep Shipments on Course

Don’t waste time and energy sifting through all your orders and shipments to identify those at risk. FourKites predicts delivery failures with the industry’s most accurate ETAs, and provides actionable insights through customizable dashboards and alerts — sent right to your phone or inbox.

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“Prior to FourKites, it could take our transportation team 6 or 8 hours on calls and emails…

The two biggest things we needed to focus on when getting FourKites was timely exception communication and being on time with, and tracking delivery of, our most critical loads. Prior to FourKites, it could take our transportation team 6 or 8 hours on calls and emails. Ultimately, our team was spending way more time gathering the information than acting on it to improve the customer experience.”

– Tony Poole, Senior Transportation Manager, Kimberly-Clark

Increase Team Productivity

See Your Network Through Your Customers’ Eyes

By connecting order and SKU information to your shipment details, you’ll see exactly what’s needed to fulfill customer orders and unlock new levels of efficiency for your organization.

Coupling accurate inbound ETA, on-hand inventory and customer demand information to predict inventory risk helps your organization prioritize supply chain problems while balancing cost and customer satisfaction.

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Increase Team Productivity
Increase Team Productivity

Eliminate Wasted Time in the Yard

Real-time visibility allows you to optimize yard task management to maximize productivity for your gate, your spotters, your warehouse and carriers.

Dynamic Yard® automatically tracks each inbound order to alert your team of any exceptions that may put the schedule at risk, so yard teams can stage the correct freight for incoming arrivals. And as soon as a shipment arrives, the platform dictates a flow of tasks for dock workers while monitoring time to complete.

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Improve Other Performance Metrics While Increasing Team Productivity

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Transform Your Supply Chain

FourKites supports the world’s most complex supply chains. Whether it’s life-saving medicine or groceries for family dinner, FourKites helps you deliver.

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