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Predictive Insights & Analytics

Put Your Data to Work

Connect your teams with the data they need to optimize your network, predict roadblocks and prevent costly fines or service failures. FourKites leverages patented AI and machine learning to surface risks, prioritize exceptions and recommend resolutions to keep your supply chain on track.

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Predictive Insights & Analytics
Predictive Insights & Analytics

Build Trust and Improve Performance With the Most Accurate ETAs

FourKites’ Dynamic ETAs® are the most accurate in the market, giving you an unprecedented level of control over your operations. Why? Our ETA calculations are truly end-to-end, linking segments across all modes, and backed by the largest pool of supply chain data in the world. These highly accurate arrival times give your internal teams, partners and customers actionable data they can trust — available automatically and in real time.

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Share Targeted Insights Faster and Easier than Ever

Start analyzing your network performance from day one with FourKites, with out-of-the-box reports that cover everything from carrier performance and detention costs to on-time performance and greenhouse gas emissions. And with the customization and configurability you need, you can easily drill down to get the details that matter most. Increase collaboration across your teams with a single source of truth that can be delivered straight to stakeholders’ whenever they need them.

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Predictive Insights & Analytics
Predictive Insights & Analytics

Automated Recommendations Plot Your Course to On-time Delivery

By combining your real-time transportation data, FourKites’ historical data and third-party data on factors such as real-time weather and traffic, FourKites’ Recommendation Engine proactively tells you how to ensure on-time delivery. From driver arrival time to optimal route alerts and more, FourKites automatically serves up insights to teams throughout your organization, so you can avoid costly delivery exceptions before they occur.

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“We’re on a journey to manage the end-to-end supply chain process through visibility.

A lot of people have had information or data on certain nodes of the supply chain, but the ability to connect it across the ecosystem is really where we’re going, and we’re leveraging FourKites as a key element of that.”

– Craig Weiss, SVP Supply Chain & Chief Transformation Officer, Conagra

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Predictive Insights & Analytics

Your Mission-critical Data, Your Way

Your real-time supply chain data is a critical input to understanding the health of your business. With FourKites’ data integration options, you’ll unleash the power of your connected supply chain data as it flows seamlessly into your existing tools and processes. Our diverse suite of data integration options — ranging from simple customization of FourKites reports to raw data delivered via API — enable you to choose the level of control that best suits your technical resources and business needs.

Predictive Insights & Analytics

Transform Your Supply Chain

FourKites supports the world’s most complex supply chains. Whether it’s life-saving medicine or groceries for family dinner, FourKites helps you deliver.

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