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Why partner with FourKites? Simple. Comprehensive data, world-class technology, and the power to reimagine your supply chain ecosystem on your own terms.

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Quicker Time to Value

Our unparalleled carrier network enables fast, thorough onboarding.

Better Customer Service

With instant connectivity to millions of GPS-connected devices, FourKites enables you to deliver consistent, superior service for your customers.

Stronger Predictive Accuracy

Leveraging advanced machine learning and the industry’s largest data network, we fuel the most precise and predictable ETAs on the planet for unsurpassed supply chain orchestration.

Greater Enterprise Compatibility

Out-of-the-box integrations support seamless onboarding, interfacing with existing ERP, TMS and dispatch systems to get you up and running with FourKites in no time.

Our Partners

From ERP to telematics providers, FourKites partners with the world’s leading companies to build a collaborative supply chain ecosystem.

How FourKites works for you

From the moment we receive load information to the moment you see proof of delivery, FourKites connects the dots across global supply chains to deliver real-time visibility and predictive analytics.

“We went from zero visibility for our inbound shipments to being able to improve dock capacity and outbound planning. This has also improved our supplier and customer relationships.”

– Program Manager, Supply Chain Optimization at a large manufacturing company

Start enhancing your supply chain today.

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