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Throttle Supply Chain Spend

Expedites, an inefficient carrier mix and poor OTIF compliance can bloat your supply chain spend. It’s time to operate more confidently! Supply chain visibility with FourKites sheds light on your network, empowering you to avoid costly inefficiencies that weigh down your supply chain budget.

“Once we started our rollout with FourKites, and more people saw what it could do and the value it can deliver, there was a strong demand for FourKites access from across our organization.”

– Istvan Lencz, Head of Logistics, Henkel

Learn how global CPG giant Henkel uses FourKites to reduce costs and eliminate waste.

Lower Supply Chain Costs

Execute with Confidence

Early detection of potential disruptions means more time to plan for recovery options — avoiding expensive expedites. FourKites continually monitors shipments across your supply chain with real-time insights to make decision-making more effortless than ever.

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Lower Supply Chain Costs

“Now, they know exactly when to arrive, which reduces unnecessary wait time.”

“In the past, our market personnel had to wait for a notification that the material had arrived, then they would schedule a pickup potentially a day or two out. Now, they know exactly when to arrive, which reduces unnecessary wait time. In the end, this has helped not only improve visibility within our supply chain but it’s actually reduced the amount of time it takes for us to get material into the hands of our end users.”

– Robert Taglione, Transportation Manager, T-Mobile

Lower Supply Chain Costs
Lower Supply Chain Costs

Master OTIF Compliance

From validating transit plans with real-time tracking data to selecting the best-performing carrier mix for your business, FourKites takes the guesswork out of managing OTIF compliance with the data to empower better performance.

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Today, Kraft Heinz has a better OTIF score and a new level of confidence in decision-making.

Better supply chain reliability with the help of FourKites has allowed the company to deepen partnerships with carriers. [Kraft Heinz’s Head of Customer Supply Chain] told a story about a day where product was needed for an immediate outbound shipment. The company quickly dispatched product to the correct distribution center and got it to the customer — tracking it all the way.” (Supply Chain Dive, 2019)

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Lower Supply Chain Costs
Lower Supply Chain Costs

Tackle the Right Exceptions

Your team is juggling too many tasks on any given day. Make sure they’re focused on the most pressing exceptions. When disruptions do occur, FourKites creates detailed impact assessments so you can minimize the fallout from potential disruption.

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Continuously Improve with Better Reporting

Connect your business intelligence tools to the FourKites platform to incorporate real-time visibility data — as well as data from your existing enterprise systems — into root cause and impact analysis for continuous improvement and cost control.

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Lower Supply Chain Costs

Improve Other Performance Metrics While Lowering Supply Chain Costs

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Transform Your Supply Chain

FourKites supports the world’s most complex supply chains. Whether it’s life-saving medicine or groceries for family dinner, FourKites helps you deliver.

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