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Rein in Accessorial Fees Faster

In today’s unpredictable market, you can’t afford to blow your budget on controllable costs. Armed with end-to-end supply chain visibility, you can automate accessorial spend reduction and become a shipper of choice.

“Our overall detention has been down at least 20% per month over the last eight months, which has been a very critical factor in us becoming a shipper of choice.”

– Brad Shockey, Director Supply Chain, Pixelle Specialty Solutions

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Reduce Accessorial Fees

Take Control of Detention & Demurrage Costs

Unplanned expenses should no longer be an accepted part of doing business. With FourKites, alert-based reporting and dashboards keep teams informed of current realities on the ground so they can prioritize unloading the right trucks or moving ocean containers before fees are incurred.

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Reduce Accessorial Fees
Reduce Accessorial Fees

Avoid Revenue-draining OTIF Charges

Empower your teams with the timely, accurate data they need to make rapid and informed decisions in the face of disruption. With SKU-level visibility, proactive alerts and the most accurate predictive ETAs on the market, operating teams can adjust shipping plans or appointment times to prevent OTIF failures.

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“I look at dwell time as an indicator of where I have slow spots in my supply chain. By identifying those through visibility with FourKites, I can do something about it.”

– Rob Haddock, Transportation Strategy, Coca-Cola North America

Reduce Accessorial Fees

Master Multimodal Detention Fees

Does your detention clock start when the trailer is picked up at the port or railroad ramp? No problem! Customized detention alerts combine in-transit with at-facility dwell times to give you the full picture. Reduce detention spend and time with accurate tracking of all free time left.

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Reduce Accessorial Fees
Reduce Accessorial Fees

Eliminate Conflicts with Carriers and Focus on Outcomes, Together

Precise, customizable geofences around your pickup and delivery locations ensure that your shipment records always match the realities on the ground.

Leverage FourKites’ shipping records to eliminate debates over detention or other accessorial charges, and pay only what you’re responsible for. And by incorporating performance metrics into your carrier contract negotiations, you can ensure that you’re getting maximum value from your investment with transportation providers.

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Improve Other Performance Metrics While Reducing Accessorial Fees

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