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Order Visibility

Empower Key Teams with Order-Level Insights

Get the Right Supply Chain Intel to the Right People, No Matter Their Role

Your supply chain executes at the shipment or load level, but does the rest of your business? FourKites Order Visibility gives cross-functional teams access to the supply chain data they need, in the way they need it – at the order level. Reduce the time it takes to answer customer inquiries, monitor the status and lifecycle of orders, and use better data to make better decisions.

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Order Lifecycle Visibility

Get Answers On Orders Across Your Supply Chain With Ease

Some orders can be spread across multiple loads, while some loads can contain multiple orders – when you need answers, you can’t wait for reports to be run. Order Visibility provides updates by line item to keep cross-functional teams aware without the wait.

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Order Lifecycle Visibility
Order Lifecycle Visibility

Harness Real-World Insights and AI-Driven Risk Predictions For Better Prioritization

Little-to-no advanced warning of a disruption can result in significant costs and throw your supply chain plans into disarray. FourKites monitors each order in transit and provides quantifiable impact analyses to help teams prioritize exceptions for the best outcomes.

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Give More Teams Access To The Supply Chain Data They Depend On

From procurement to customer service, production, sales and more, your business depends on its supply chain to create strong relationships with your customers. Whether a stock transfer, sales order or purchase order, Order Visibility provides curated access to new stakeholders to allow self-service tracking of the orders they care about.

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Order Lifecycle Visibility
Order Lifecycle Visibility

See SKU-Level Details At A Glance

Need to know exactly where a particular product is in your supply chain? No problem. Order Visibility surfaces information by unique product types to quickly locate extra inventory or the status of the next inbound order.

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How It Works

The Only End-to-End Supply Chain View

Consolidate Order Insights Across The Globe

Avoid tedious reporting, outdated data, and confusing jargon – Order Visibility serves up key insights on the entire order lifecycle regardless of geographic location or mode to help teams quickly find answers and avoid costly disruptions in a self-service environment.

The Only End-to-End Supply Chain View
High-Impact Coordination

Tackle Exceptions With The Highest Impact Automatically

Dynamic risk assessments quantify the impact of disruptions, guiding teams to focus on the exceptions with the highest impact on your business – regardless

High-Impact Coordination
Detect Exceptions Early

The Earliest Disruption Detection Engine Possible

Combine insights from across your operating systems, including transportation planning and order management & purchasing, to uncover potential issues with an order earlier in the life cycle, helping teams deploy inventory or reset customer expectations ahead of time.

Detect Exceptions Early
Better Insights, Better Reporting

Monitor Performance Trends in Real-Time

Measure your company’s performance against critical KPIs, including on time, in full, milestones, lead time and more. Create dashboards for customer health, order performance and risks to drill down into root causes and drive your supply chain forward.

Better Insights, Better Reporting

Only With FourKites

Designed to Analyze Data From Every System

Only FourKites can harness real-time logistics and supply chain data from across your systems to deliver actionable insights across your teams. FourKites was built to analyze data from your ERP, WMS, OMS, YMS and more. With all of this data FourKites can provide deep-cutting recommendations to help you and your partners make the right decisions — fast.

Collaborate Faster Across Teams

From logistics to finance, purchasing, inventory management, sales, customer service and more, FourKites delivers relevant supply chain information to those who need it. Enriched with AI-generated insights, each stakeholder is empowered to move your company toward lower costs and better execution with a trusted framework for coordination.

Predict, Manage, Adapt — All in One Platform

Armed with FourKites’ advanced analytics, your logistics network can now not only predict conditions for disruptions in advance but uncover systemic inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement. With a global, multimodal perspective, FourKites helps your teams understand how your supply chain truly operates to build stronger, more informed strategies for the future.

View Your Supply In A Way That Makes Sense

While your logistics operations might handle your supply chain at the shipment or load level, your customer-facing teams are likely more focused on the order. FourKites gives teams the flexibility to view data within the context that makes sense for their objectives so they can act faster and more independently. And by enabling faster exception resolution, you’ll keep your customers happier and improve retention.

Transform Your Supply Chain

FourKites supports the world’s most complex supply chains. Whether it’s life-saving medicine or groceries for family dinner, FourKites helps you deliver.

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