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Manage Ecosystem Performance

The Platform that Shippers and Their Partners Depend On

Your supply chain runs on data. But without dependable data between you and your partners, networks fail to operate efficiently. FourKites — a neutral and accessible platform with automated data integrations — serves as a single source of truth that unifies your team and network of partners, focusing all stakeholders on measurable performance outcomes.

Nestlé Wanted to Increase Tracking Compliance and Improve Service While Strengthening Their Carrier Relationships.
They Did It With FourKites.

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Manage Ecosystem Performance
Manage Ecosystem Performance

Eliminate Data Silos Across Your Ecosystem

More than ever, your business depends on real-world supply chain information. FourKites integrates with your existing systems, including TMS, OMS, ERP, YMS and beyond, allowing data-rich insights to flow from the FourKites platform into the tools and systems your supply chain stakeholders rely on daily.

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Revolutionize Carrier Relationships

Even the most skilled logistics managers can have a difficult time obtaining consistent insights into delivery milestones and carrier performance. And non-standardized data from carriers can lead to confusion and disputes, compounding the problem.

FourKites solves this problem by providing a single source of truth for carriers and shippers. Designed to help you define goals and measure progress for your carriers, you can move beyond disputes to optimize billing processes, automatically enforce SLAs and maximize on-time performance together.

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Manage Ecosystem Performance
Manage Ecosystem Performance

Extend Inbound Collaboration with Suppliers

With FourKites, Visibility starts with each order, so your partners don’t need to wait for a shipment number to start tracking. What’s more, because many of your suppliers may already be on the FourKites platform, even supplier-managed inbound orders and their shipments can be tracked.

By extending visibility earlier into the order lifecycle with supplier-managed inbound freight, you can reduce disputes, eliminate check-calls and focus your supplier relationships around shared data and performance objectives.

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Be a Dependable Partner for Your Customers

Healthy supply chain ecosystems run faster because they have better communication, are easier to maintain, and have fewer disputes. And your customers see these benefits, too! Win business and delight your customers by offering accessible, dependable, industry-leading visibility that helps them avoid shutdowns, stockouts and costly expedites.

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Manage Ecosystem Performance
Manage Ecosystem Performance

The Power of the FourKites Network

With FourKites, you connect with the largest global network of supply chain data on the planet: spanning 200+ countries and territories, 640,000+ carriers around the world, and 3.2 million global shipments tracked every day. It’s no wonder over 1,500 of the world’s leading brands trust FourKites!

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Improve Other Performance Metrics While Managing Your Ecosystem

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Transform Your Supply Chain

FourKites supports the world’s most complex supply chains. Whether it’s life-saving medicine or groceries for family dinner, FourKites helps you deliver.

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