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Build a Sustainable Supply Chain

At FourKites, we believe that every business can be a sustainable business, and every supply chain professional can be a sustainability champion in their organization. The time to implement sustainable changes into your business is now; it’s imperative not just for the health of the planet, but also to ensure the future supply of goods and continued business growth.


2022 Global Supply Chain Sustainability Summit

Watch the exclusive talks and sessions from FourKite’s 2022 Global Supply Chain Sustainability Summit. Learn from the industry’s top minds how to build greener supply chain and logistics operations.

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The Definitive Guide to Supply Chain Sustainability

Learn everything you need to know about supply chain sustainability from our definitive guide. We covers best practices, technology, and metrics companies use to build a sustainable supply chain.

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The Current State Of Supply Chain Sustainability

Did you know that transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the US? Learn this and more about the current state of supply chain sustainability.

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Sustainability Center of Excellence

FourKites’ Sustainability Center of Excellence is a thought leadership council dedicated to promoting actionable, data-backed strategies to help companies improve sustainability across their supply chain. Contact us to learn more.

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Sustainability Dashboard

FourKites’ Sustainability Dashboard allows you to identify the highest sources of freight-related emissions in your supply chain.

“With FourKites’ Sustainability Dashboard, we are able to assess and validate our sustainability efforts on an ongoing basis. Combined with other FourKites visibility tools such as Lane Connect and Network Visibility, we are gaining fantastic insight into our supply chain.”
– Dustin Braun, Senior Director, Logistics, Land O’Lakes

Lane Connect

Harness the power of a secure, real-time supply chain visibility platform to remove empty miles from your supply chain through trusted, collaborative partnerships.

“Coca-Cola has seen significant cost savings and reduced empty miles for our carriers by leveraging Lane Connect.”
– Rob Haddock, Group Director, Planning and Logistics, The Coca-Cola Company

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Overhead Shipyard

Unlock Hidden Capacity In Your Freight Network

Learn how companies are leveraging Lane Connect to establish successful partnerships and transform their supply chains.

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