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Global Supply Chain Sustainability Summit


Opening Keynote: Prototyping the World of Tomorrow

During his keynote address, Dutch artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde will highlight his innovative practice which merges people, technology, and space to create a future- proof world. As an innovative thought leader, Roosegaarde shows the importance of “Schoonheid” (a Dutch word meaning both beauty and cleanliness) as our new value, along with his vision for a better future.

Daan RoosegaardeDutch Artist & Sustainability Innovator

Collaborating with Customers and Partners for a Greener Supply Chain

Supply chain is a team sport, and creating a sustainable supply chain requires even more collaboration from all parties involved. In this session you’ll hear how you can strengthen relationships with suppliers and customers while reducing your collective environmental impact. Panelists will discuss ways to align across stakeholders, build competitive differentiation, analyze network trends and much more.

Donal DalyFuture Planet
Marc JägersRHI Magnesita Trading Bv
Thomas HörnfeldtSSAB Group
Bob SlabyFourKites

Crawl, Walk, Run: Developing Your Framework for Sustainability

The path toward a more sustainable future is unique for every business. Creating a sustainability strategy is always a balance of the potential benefits, costs or resources required, and necessary stakeholder collaboration. In this session, two of the most progressive CPG brands in the world will share insights on how to create a successful sustainability program within your organization.

Paul AvampatoHenkel

Sustainability That Works. Practical Lessons From the Carrier Community

In this lively panel discussion you’ll learn the basics that carriers, subcontractors and other logistics services providers must consider when developing their sustainability practices. You’ll hear success stories, as well as lessons learned, as we cover the Whys, Whens and Hows of getting meaningful results and driving value for your business with sustainability.

Mark BinnsHoyer Group
Joep AertsDen Hartogh Logistics
Graham Major-ExSennder
Rens De JongHost & EMCEE

State of Sustainability in Supply Chain

In this session, Gartner outlines the 3 biggest trends in supply chain sustainability for 2022 and reveals the 3 macro drivers behind those trends. You’ll also gain insight from Gartner original survey research on the sustainability priorities of supply chain professionals today and learn some tactics Gartner suggests for improving the sustainability of your logistics operations.

Bart De MuynckGartner

Supply Chain Tech Power Panel
on Sustainability

Executives from some of the biggest names in supply chain tech will come together to discuss what’s now and what’s next in sustainability for this power panel, moderated by Dr. Nick Vyas, Founding Executive Director of USC Marshall’s Global Supply Chain Institute. You’ll hear how digitization and emerging technologies are increasing visibility and collaboration throughout the value chain to promote ethical standards, eliminate waste and reduce carbon emissions. This session is a must see!

Stanton ThomasO9 Solutions, Inc.
Erik LundSony Network Communications Europe
Francesca PoggialiGS1
Dr. Nick VyasUSC Marshall The Randall R. Kendrick Global Supply Chain Institute

The Road (or Rail, or Ship) to Sustainable Logistics Operations

Transportation is a leading contributor of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, and as such, any steps you take toward reducing the environmental impact of your logistics operations are important ones. From simple network optimization to large-scale equipment upgrades, there are many ways to make a difference. In this session you’ll hear from 3 leading global brands on the near and long-term steps they’re taking to reduce transportation emissions.

Riccardo CozzaTetra Pak
Tabita VerburgDow
Johnny IvanyiBayer
Menco BakkerFourKites

Sustainability at Massive Scale: DHL’s Journey to Net Zero

When the world’s largest logistics provider sets a zero-emissions target, it marks a new era for the industry. With an annual volume of more than 1.6 billion parcels, getting to net zero by 2050 will be no small feat for Deutsche Post DHL Group. In this session you’ll learn about the key components of DPDHL’s strategy and get inspiration from the company’s bold vision to transform logistics in collaboration with its top customers.

Florian SchwarzDHL Customer Solutions & Innovation
Overhead Shipyard

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