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and see how we’re enabling the exchange of high-quality, real-time data between Shippers, Carriers, and 3rd Party Logistics providers.

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Experience enterprise visibility,


Experience enterprise visibility, redefined.


Managing global supply chains has never been more complex, nor more competitively important. That’s why leading companies trust FourKites to track their freight end-to-end. Using a proprietary predictive algorithm to calculate shipment arrival times, FourKites ties together shippers, carriers, brokers, and 3PLs to lower operating costs, improve on-time performance, and strengthen end-customer relationships.

  • Know when every shipment will arrive through the industry’s most accurate ETA calculator
  • Track loads across road, rail and soon, ocean, with the industry’s only true multi-modal tracking platform
  • Gain valuable insights, including temperature tracking, through the industry’s broadest network of data partnerships and most advanced analytics capabilities
  • Train your internal teams and onboard your carriers quickly and efficiently through FourKites’ dedicated customer success experts, expediting your time to value
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FourKites believes that every aspect of supply chains should move more intelligently, be more powerfully connected, and flow with seamless precision even when in constant motion. FourKites has the most robust mobile capabilities in the industry.

  • Full-Feature mobile application.

    All the features of the browser-based FourKites platform on the go

  • CarrierLink for drivers.

    Helps drivers sync up, provide status and receive updates in real-time using our smartphone application

  • App-Less Tracking.

    Opt in via a text message and FourKites provides location and other transit-related information via cell tower triangulation


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  • “Utilizing FourKites’ ability to provide real-time, continuous location tracking, predictive analytics, interactive mapping and other features will allow JDA to continue to deliver unmatched transportation planning and execution capabilities for our customers.”

    - Fabrizio Brasca – JDA
  • “With its unprecedented growth and an overwhelming amount of industry recognition, FourKites is leading the movement for supply chain visibility. The company has already achieved so much in such a short amount of time and shows no signs of slowing down. There’s great potential to leverage my skills to help FourKites continue growing and reach its goal of enhancing the enterprise supply chain experience.”

    - Jai Shekhawat, founder and former CEO of Fieldglass
  • “After carefully evaluating many freight visibility platforms, it became abundantly clear that FourKites provides the most robust capabilities for Ryder’s NaviShare solution. FourKites has emerged as the leader in real-time freight visibility that will ultimately help our customers lower costs and improve supply chain efficiencies.”

    - Gary R. Allen – Ryder
  • “FourKites has effectively differentiated itself from competitors by moving from ‘dots on a map’ to a fully actionable supply chain visibility solution. FourKites fills the blind spots in freight visibility, and provides orchestration tools that put the company miles ahead of its competition.”

    - Silpa Paul – Frost & Sullivan
  • “Freight visibility and true, actionable visibility has long been a priority for us. We chose FourKites because they’ve proven to provide the breadth and depth of capabilities that give us a ‘control tower’ view we need for our customers and our business.”

    - Jeff Kanterman – NFI
  • “We are very excited to announce the integration of the FourKites shipment tracking services. The service adds a new option to the existing methods currently available to MercuryGate clients to obtain the reliable status of their shipments down to the SKU level.”

    - Monica Wooden – MercuryGate
  • “FourKites has helped us improve the visibility of the freight we manage on our dedicated assets and with carrier partners and provide the real-time estimated time of arrival information our customers need.”

    - Marty Wadle – Ruan Transportation Management Systems