We help the world’s greatest brands use real-time visibility to create a more agile, efficient and dynamic supply chain.

shipments tracked daily (yes, 1 million)

shippers, brokers, and 3PLs

18 of the top 20
food and beverage companies

9 of the top 10
consumer goods companies

How We Track Over 1 Million Global Shipments Every Day…and why that matters

Size matters and with FourKites, you get the largest network of supply chain data on the planet…period. Add in the most advanced machine learning and AI and that gives you greater insights, greater accuracy and greater collaboration.


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The Results – Real-Time Visibility Drives Value Across Your Entire Supply Chain

Unlock improvements across your business. From better service to your customers to increased efficiency and agility – we help you deliver real results. Check out our ROI Guide

  • Create Real Busines Agility
  • Delight Your Customers
  • Reduce Dwell & Detention $
  • Optimize Labor Planning
  • Maximize OTIF Compliance
  • Improve Yard Efficiency
  • Unlock Collaboration

Your Truck is Going to be 4 Hours Late…

No Worries, Your Appointment Scheduler and Yard Manager Already Know

FourKites is the only solution that gives you true end-to-end visibility with predictive ETAs and real-time status for shipments on the road and in the yard..really just about anywhere. No more workarounds and silo’d systems… just agility, efficiency and beautiful collaboration.

Your Single Pane of Glass for Every Mode and Every Load

With FourKites, you get global end-to-end visibility across your entire supply chain and a single source of truth for all your visibiltiy data.


FourKites has the largest global network for truckload visibility. Our predictive ETAs and real-time alerts ensure your supply chain runs smoothly- no matter what arises along the way.


Our comprehensive LTL visibility enables you to follow LTL shipments from origin to destination, no matter how many handoffs they have along the way. With every stop or terminal, your FourKites ETA updates dynamically.


Track your rail and intermodal shipments with ease. FourKites integrates the rail leg of a trip into the broader context of a load’s journey, adjusting ETAs accordingly and offering a single source of truth for your load’s entire journey.


No matter how many freight forwarders are handling your air freight, FourKites acts as a single source of truth, so you can quickly & effectively manage exceptions. Maintain total visibility between airports & over-the-road to final inbound destination, so you never miss a beat.


Gain unprecedented visibility into shipments as they journey across international waters. With insight into transshipment ports and reports to monitor your loads’ route and port performance, you will be able to plan the fastest, most effective journey for your loads.


To maintain unified supply chain tracking data in a single system of record, FourKites partners with the biggest parcel carriers to push updates and alerts on your shipments traveling by parcel, so you know where they are and when they’re expected to arrive.


FourKites combines industry-leading YMS capabilities with in-transit predictive visibility and analytics so that you can proactively manage every aspect of yard operations – from appointment and dock scheduling to gate operations and spotter tasking.


Proactively plan for store deliveries with real-time predictive visibility into all your inbound shipments- including vendor-managed. Optimize labor, on-shelf availability, and scheduling with our custom-built mobile apps for store managers and merchandisers.

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Learn more and see it in action

The Ultimate ROI Guide with 20 customer examples

Real-Time Visibility Improves Collaboration Across Your Entire Supply Chain

From your day-to-day operations to strategic digital transformation initiatives, with FourKites all of your teams get the visibility, data, and insights to work better…together.

Logistics & Transportation

Procurement & Planning

Track & Trace Customer Service

Warehouse Distribution

Digital Transformation

“Companies are implementing visibility to drive improved customer satisfaction and retention, improved on-time delivery performance, increase labor efficiency and productivity, and gain access to real-time data to make active decisions in transit like rerouting and reduce costs.”
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Why FourKites

Here are the Top 5 reasons why customers choose FourKites as the #1 Real-Time Visibility Platform.

#1 Results

We’re 100% focused on your success. From the fastest time-to-value and expert customer support, you’ll see why we have the most successful visibility deployments in the world.

#2 Network

With FourKites, you benefit from the largest network of shipppers, brokers, 3PLs and carriers in the world. That means greater accuracy, insights, collaboration and agility for you.

#3 Global

FourKites is the only solution that gives you truly global, end-to-end visibility in a single platform. We’re your single pane of glass across road, rail, ocean, air and yard.

#4 Innovation

You always get the advantage of having the the most advanced platform in the world. At FourKites, we pioneered real-time visibility and our 250+ engineers are innovating for you every day.

#5 Community

With FourKites you get a lot more than the best technology. You connect with a thriving community of supply chain leaders to share best practices and define the next era of supply chain innovation.

Customers Love FourKites

Over 221 verified customer reviews from Gartner Peer Insights and G2

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“Delighted By FourKites”

“Fourkites Improves Customer Communication & Confidence”

“FourKites - Best in Class for load tracking”

“Customer Driven, Continuously Improving”

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The Ultimate ROI Guide with 20 customer examples