Cutting-Edge Science Requires a Cutting-Edge Visibility Solution

With powerful machine learning and the world’s largest network of transportation data, FourKites powers the most efficient and collaborative pharmaceutical supply chains on the planet.

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Unlock Agility with Accurate, Actionable Data

Know where your shipments are — any mode, anywhere in the world — and gain insight into how you can deliver more efficiently.

  • Reduce Transportation Costs: Real-time, in-transit visibility with predictive ETAs allows for proactive exception management, as opposed to costly expediting.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction: Achieve tighter on-time delivery dates and provide secure, live-tracking dashboards for customers.
  • Reduce Inventory Costs: Right-size your inventory and calculate accurate cycle times with inbound shipment visibility, and eliminate the risk of product loss due to damage in transit.

Challenges Facing Pharmaceutical Companies


Global Supply Disruption


Tight Deadlines and Costly Expedites


Inventory Loss


Fragmented Multimodal Networks

A Platform Designed for Pharma

  • Multiple Modes: A single-pane-of-glass view into every load that matters to you ocean, air, truck, rail, courier, parcel — and verifiable chain of custody throughout the load’s journey.
  • Temperature Controls: Dynamically monitor temperature during transit so you can take action before inventory is lost to spoilage.
  • Collaborative User Interface: Eliminate siloed operations and enable real-time collaboration with manufacturers, distributors, carriers and customers.

How Pharma Leaders Manage Disruption

Pharmaceutical supply chain leaders recognize the value that end-to-end visibility, seamless collaboration and accurate data bring to their pharma transportation operations.

“It all goes back to providing an end-to-end solution, data-driven insights and delivering on our commitments no matter what is thrown our way, whether it’s a winter storm, COVID-19 or some other event. Our partnership with FourKites is a critical building block for making these things happen and the investment is proving to be more powerful than we originally expected.”
Joshua Dolan, Vice President, Global Logistics at Cardinal Health

FourKites’ customer 3M states“There’s data democratization, where you can see stuff that is happening much faster on a daily basis. There’s much more transparency on issues we are facing, and the team is going in eyes wide open and trying to find solutions as quickly as we can.” 

$5.5 Million Saved

One large, global pharmaceutical manufacturer credits FourKites with saving
them $5.5 million to date in detention costs and penalties.

Order, PO and SKU-Level Tracking Improves Materials and Inventory Management

  • Track multimodal shipments by order or PO, even when they are split across multiple carriers.
  • Optimize forecasting by monitoring on-time delivery across all suppliers.
  • See real-time product-level visibility on orders in transit.
Overhead Shipyard

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