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Network Visibility: See Everywhere, Optimize Everything

Tap into the world’s largest supply chain visibility network and get unparalleled visibility into your inbound shipments.

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Network Visibility

True Collaboration: The Power of the Network

Your competitive advantage lies in your ability to see into every corner of your supply chain — both for pre-paid and collect inbound freight. With FourKites, you connect to the largest global network of vendors, shippers, retailers, carriers and 3PLs on the planet. Over 1,200+ of the world’s most recognized brands are tracking over 3 Million Shipments every day, which gives you unprecedented opportunities to bring visibility to your inbound freight and create real collaboration with your suppliers.

How Can Network Visibility Improve Your Supply Chain?


Increase Productivity Across Your Teams

Drastically reduce inbound customer service calls and manual processes. Better plan labor and dock usage with improved collaboration between suppliers and fulfillment teams.


Plan and Optimize with Confidence

Optimize planning and reduce inventory with critical real-time supplier data. Reduce your safety stock and improve your overall forecast accuracy.


Improve Vendor Relations and Customer Satisfaction

Improve vendor relations and performance by collaborating in real time with your suppliers and fulfillment teams.


See Network Visibility in Action

Set up a personal demo and see how real-time visibility will transform your supply chain.

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Create End-to-End Agility with the Next Generation of Visibility Solutions

“We are constantly striving to create efficiencies in our supply chain, especially when it comes to knowing exactly when we can expect products to arrive from our vendors into our distribution network. The ability to track SKU-level details across both managed and unmanaged freight with FourKites’ Network Visibility has enhanced our warehouse and labor productivity significantly. In addition, it has helped us improve our instock position and has also provided supply planners a self-service approach to find their loads.”

– Brett Frankenberg, VP of Supply Chain Planning & Inventory Management, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated

The Difference Is the Data, Innovation and Results That Only FourKites Can Offer

Why do the world’s most recognized brands trust FourKites?

  • Real Results – The fastest time to value and expert support every step of the way.
  • Largest Network – The greatest insights powered by the largest global supply chain network on the planet.
  • Fastest Innovation – We pioneered real-time visibility, and our 250+ engineers are innovating for you every day.
  • A Thriving Community – Connect with the world’s most passionate supply chain community to share best practices and innovation.
Network Visibility
Network Visibility

Patented and Powerful Machine Learning

We’ve developed some of the most sophisticated machine learning technology in the world to give you greater insights, greater predictability and greater confidence. Here are just a few examples:

  • Dynamic LTL ETAs based on 1.3 trillion LTL transit patterns resulting in 6x more accuracy.
  • Recommendation Engine combines real-time data and millions of historical shipments to recommend your optimal departure time.
  • Smart Forecasted Arrival, a patented innovation, uses 1 billion+ tracked miles and neural network models that forecast the speed, rest, and routing patterns to predict when your shipment will arrive… even without real-time tracking.
Overhead Shipyard

See it in Action

Set up a personal demo and see how real-time visibility will transform your supply chain.

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Leading Brands Choose FourKites for Their Inbound Visibility

Meijer logo

“Network Visibility is a tool we’ve been working at with FourKites. We’ve seen some great improvements, and it’s really going after waste in the supply chain. We wanted better visibility into being late. The customer is the one impacted the most. When we both focus on our end customer, we find our solution faster.”

– Paul Thompson, Director of Inbound Logistics, Meijer