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Win Customers and Improve Efficiency with Real-Time Visibility for Logistics Providers

FourKites gives 3PLs and 4PLs the high-fidelity data and differentiated service offerings they need to exceed customer expectations and improve their bottom line.

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Logistics Service Providers

Digitize Your Operations and Grow Revenue

Manual processes and limited track-and trace won’t cut it in today’s competitive logistics services market. With the largest network of logistics tracking data and proprietary machine learning technology, FourKites streamlines operations and empowers sales teams.

  • Increase top line growth with differentiated service offerings. Machine learning ETAs, live-tracking dashboards and end-to-end visibility across modes provide an enhanced user experience.
  • Eliminate manual processes and effectively manage data consistency using automated notifications, collaboration tools and analytics.
  • Improve your operating margin with carrier tools and integration support to streamline onboarding and ensure compliance with SLAs.

Challenges Facing 3PLs and 4PLs


Carrier Onboarding & Siloed Systems


Customer Demands for Visibility


Manual Tracking and Latent Data


Workforce Inefficiencies

Make FourKites Your Competitive Differentiator

  • Comprehensive Visibility: A singular, scalable, secure visibility platform across all customers, regions, modes and systems
  • Order-Level Tracking: Provide a differentiated service by sharing real-time SKU- and order-level tracking with customers, leveraging FourKites PO Tracking solution
  • Integrated Machine Learning Data: 2-way systems integrations with rich data enable you to normalize data internally and externally by feeding machine learning-based ETAs into operating systems
Logistics Service Providers

Proven Value for 3PLs and 4PLs

Ryder Maximizes Internal Efficiency and Improves Customer Experience with FourKites

“Our customers, their customers, their sales teams, people outside of transportation now have an understanding of where their customers’ trucks are. And that’s been a huge relief on our customer service teams.”

Erin Starliper, Transportation Manager, Ryder

Overhead Shipyard

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