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For many logistics practitioners, it is probably difficult to remember a time in which warehouse management systems and transportation management systems weren’t a part of everyday workflows. These supply chain technologies, within a relatively short period of time, have become ubiquitous and irreplaceable for many organizations, but they are just the beginning. With the Internet of Things, AI/ML and automation capabilities constantly evolving, there’s no end in sight for the ways new technology will continue to revolutionize daily operations.

In this session, we’ll demystify logistics technology, explore how the right solution can alleviate resource drain and future-proof your operations and take a closer look at the ways yard management systems help organizations prepare for disruption and reclaim peace of mind.

Join Zebra, Qualcomm, Volvo and FourKites to learn:

  • How innovation helps manufacturers reduce costs and move more product
  • How yard visibility fits into the broader technological landscape
  • Where logistics technology is going and what that means for your business

Dan TramVolvo Group Venture Capital
Carlos KokronQualcomm Ventures
Kent LandryZebra Technologies, Inc.
Chris BrumettFourKites
Sarah Barnes-HumphreyLet's Talk Supply Chain

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