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Global Ocean Shipping Report

The Great Reset:
Ocean Shipping in a Post-Pandemic World

A comprehensive look at this past year, the current state of ocean shipping, and the year ahead.

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FourKites ocean shipping report

Market volatility, political conflict, material shortages, public health crises and extreme weather events – 2022 was a year of constant disruption for international shipping. Now, as demand retreats, shippers face a year of economic headwinds and more uncertainty.

FourKites surveyed more than 350 supply chain leaders and analyzed internal and external data to assess how to navigate the waters of 2023.

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Top Factors Impacting Ocean Shipping

While supply chains are continually impacted by numerous interdependent variables, ocean shipping in particular is under pressure from four factors:

  1. Shifting economic conditions
  2. Bottlenecks at the ports
  3. Geopolitical influences on global supply chain networks
  4. Labor challenges

FourKites’ Survey Revealed:


of respondents plan to invest in Supply Chain Visibility.


of respondents will be investing more heavily in 2023.

International Shippers’ Top Concerns Going in to 2023

Percentage of Responses by Industry

Major Concerns

More than half of our survey respondents agree that they are concerned about:

Labor Challenges

High Shipping Costs

Impacts to Customer Service

Other Key Findings

50% of respondents reported having ZERO visibility into their ocean freight.

20% are relying on manual track-and-trace processes to track their ocean freight.

Over-the-road shipping creates the most stress.

35% of respondents are concerned with congestion at the ports.

What the experts are saying

“The past three years have been unlike anything we’ve seen… with imports to the U.S. skyrocketing 39% from 2020 to 2022. Now things are cooling off, giving international shippers a chance to catch their breath, regroup, and chart a course for 2023 and beyond. With the lessons of the pandemic fresh on their mind, many supply chain leaders are leaning into technology to ensure past mistakes aren’t repeated.”

Chris Stauber
Industry Expert and Founder of VentureSoftPM

What you can do

Overcoming margin pressures. Navigating a tight labor market. Making progress towards sustainability goals. And an overwhelming need to remain flexible in an unpredictable market. The stakes for supply chain leaders have never been higher – download the report for tips on navigating it all.