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I believe that both FourKites and the supply chain technology industry are at a critical juncture. 

Our category is no longer nascent. The past three years taught companies how real-time visibility can make their supply chain more efficient and resilient. But we’ve still only scratched the surface when it comes to the value that an integrated, end-to-end supply chain tech stack can unlock.

Technology will certainly help companies to become more adaptable and flexible, reduce costs and errors, optimise asset usage and speed up processes and communication. It will free workers from repetitive tasks to roles that require judgment and experience. Yet only when the right solutions are applied to defined problems can supply-chain technologies achieve any of the many aims.

– Lucy Colback, Financial Times

We find ourselves in a moment where the decisions that are made today will shape how the category matures and grows over the next 10 years. Specifically, we must continue to:

  1. Provide strategic value to customers, together with the industry’s most advanced and highly-differentiated solutions
  2. Deliver that value at scale 
  3. Grow our ecosystem of strategic partners who can act as a multiplier of the value and scale we create

For FourKites and others, how we evolve in these areas is pivotal. As we assess this fork in the road, a fresh perspective will help us see clearly – especially the perspective of someone who has grappled with these same questions of value, scale and ecosystems.

That’s why I’m delighted to introduce Rocky Subramanian as FourKites’ new President, overseeing our customer functions, including Sales, Marketing and Operations, and working alongside me to drive the company’s strategy, growth and customer success globally.

Rocky has tremendous experience, having helped Ceridian grow to over $1.2B in revenue and previously serving as Senior Vice President and Managing Director of one of SAP’s largest market units — with responsibilities spanning sales, go-to-market strategy, operations and services for the entire enterprise software portfolio — which he grew to over $1.8B. 

While that’s an impressive track record, what really stood out to me about Rocky’s experience was his approach. When speaking with him, it became clear that his thoughtfulness, discipline and compassion were integral to his success. And it’s those traits that make Rocky a perfect fit with FourKites’ culture.

Already, we have an incredible team, customer base and platform – and a vision that led us to pioneer the real-time visibility industry and guided us to become a $1 billion company. Now, as we chart FourKites’ course through this formative time for our industry, I am confident that the decisions we make today will lead us – and, more importantly, our customers – to even greater success.

Here’s to the future.

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