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FourKites Carrier Partner FAQ


1. What is FourKites?

FourKites is a Chicago-based technology company providing real-time tracking and supply chain visibility solutions that simplify the sharing of critical load information for the entire logistics industry.

2. What type of loads does FourKites track?

FourKites has the ability to track truckload, LTL, Rail, Intermodal, Ocean and Air loads. We will track the equipment that you assign to the active loads in scope for our mutual customer.

3. How much does all this cost?

There is no direct cost to carriers to integrate with FourKites. We do not charge our LSPs or carrier partners to track our mutual customer’s loads in the platform nor do we charge for setup and onboarding efforts. FourKites has in house resources to assist carrier partners with technical requirements.

4. How does FourKites make money?

FourKites provides a comprehensive supply chain visibility solution to our customers, who pay a subscription fee to access the platform. We provide valuable analytics, and actionable insights to help both our customers and their carriers improve their operations.

5. What are the requirements for this project?

Each customer requires a different timeline for integrating with FourKites. There are many different options for tracking. We will work with whatever you have! We only need a representative from your Operations and IT departments to work with us throughout the process.

6. What are the benefits to partnering with FourKites?

By partnering with FourKites, your business will join a rapidly growing network of the world’s leading logistics stakeholders. As a LSP or a carrier, you’ll receive the following at zero cost: consistent support from a dedicated carrier onboarding associate, visibility into all overlapping customer loads, CarrierLink proprietary mobile app use.

7. Why are you asking me to do this?

Becoming FourKites enabled may be a requirement of your customer. Real time visibility is critical to your customer and they have partnered with FourKites to make it happen.

8. What if I don’t want to be tracked?

Not participating in the FourKites integration may yield loss of business with our mutual customer. Please reach out to your customer contact for more information.

9. What if I am already sending EDI 214s?

Though you may be sending EDI 214s to your customers, not all of the carriers are. The customer wants to see locations of ALL their freight in one place, so we encourage you to integrate directly with your ELD/GPS provider.

10. How does FourKites work?

FourKites matches key load information from a carrier and shipper to provide a holistic visibility solution for a shipper’s supply chain. There are a variety of ways for a carrier to send FourKites this information.

11. What Data is the Shipper sending FourKites?

Each load created in FourKites by the Shipper’s TMS includes a reference number (such as Bill of Lading #) that is shared with both the Carrier and FourKites, as well as Pickup & Delivery locations and times. Shippers have the ability to include additional data such as end-consignee business hours, appointment times, and specific product information.

12. How do I send FourKites Data?

Most Dispatch systems have automated reporting capabilities. If your system does not support this automation a FourKites Operations Associate will assist you in setting up an alternative method of sending dispatch information.

13. What Data do I need to send FourKites?

FourKites will work with you to automate assigning tracking information to each of the Shipper’s loads. The data must include the shared load reference number, and either a truck, trailer, or driver phone number depending on your setup.

14. Which dispatch systems do you work with?

FourKites has unique solutions to work with almost all dispatch systems. Please contact your dedicated operations associate to help determine which solution works best with you and your dispatch system.

15. How does FourKites Track Shipments?

FourKites has integrations with most GPS/ELD providers and our servers ping the truck or trailer you’ve assigned and dispatched to a load directly. We then display this breadcrumb map data on the FourKites platform and calculate updated ETAs.

16. Will you be tracking all of my equipment?

We only track the equipment that you assign to the active loads in scope for our mutual customer. No equipment carrying non-FourKites customer loads will be tracked.

17. Will you see all my trucks if you have access to our ELD data?

When you assign a truck number to a load you are telling FourKites which truck to ask the ELD/GPS provider about. We do not keep track of the vehicles that are not assigned to a customer’s load, and only access those trucks with your expressed permission.

18. Tracking via a Driver’s Phone Number

FourKites has a unique free mobile application called CarrierLink that is available on major smartphone app stores. When you dispatch and assign the driver’s phone number to a load, the load shows up in the driver’s CarrierLink app, and sends FourKites location updates for the duration of transport.

19. What if I have more than one GPS provider?

FourKites leverages an extensive network of GPS providers to better suit your and our mutual customer’s needs. We can connect to multiple GPS providers for requesting location updates.

20. Do you track Hours of Service?

No. Your truck’s ELD records this information. We only access the GPS portion of the ELD by requesting location info, and never record or distribute HOS.

21. Do you have access to my fleet?

When FourKites connects to your ELD/GPS provider, we request location information for specific vehicles. FourKites never attempts to edit or access your fleet, and only retrieves location information during specific intervals.

22. What is the unified solution?

Shipper’s use FourKites’ ETAs, pickup and delivery notifications, and up-to-date location information to better plan their company’s operations. By working with all parties in the life of a load, FourKites provides end-to-end visibility across the global supply chain.

23. Can I see the tracking data that is being sent to the customer?

Each carrier has complete access to the tracking information that your end-customer is seeing from FourKites. If multiple customers of yours are using the FourKites platform, each of the loads you service are visible.

24. What can I get out of the platform?

Carriers actively using the platform can automate more frequent and accurate location updates, making fewer check calls and texts to drivers. Improve the accessibility of location updates for your team, your customers, and their end customer. Standardize and authenticate tracking information across all mediums and reduce manual errors.

25. What if I am already sharing location updates?

That’s great! The FourKites platform is built to simplify the sharing of location information for all key logistics stakeholders, including you. FourKites will work with your team to find a tailored solution to incorporate your location updates.

26. Are you selling the data to other companies?

No. We do not sell or distribute your data to other parties.