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JDA Rolls Out New Transportation Management Capabilities and Taps into Big Data to Enable Real-time Visibility

JDA introduces new constrained driver optimization functionality and signs new partnerships for real-time visibility and predictive analytics

Scottsdale, Ariz. – April 29, 2016 –

JDA Software Group, Inc., today announced new partnerships with FourKites, INTTRA and TransVoyant that extend real-time visibility and predictive analytics within JDA® Transportation ManagementTM. In addition, JDA announced new enhancements to JDA Transportation Management, including driver optimization and dispatch, relay planning and asset visibility. These give dispatch operations the ability to effectively manage drivers and their assignments more efficiently, while reducing transportation costs.

JDA Collaborates with New Real-Time Visibility Partners

These new partnerships uniquely enable carrier connectivity, efficient on-boarding, real-time visibility and predictive analytics within JDA Transportation Management. By leveraging traditional and more advanced streams of intelligence, JDA is building a complementary ecosystem to enable end-to-end supply chain visibility.

These new partners include:

FourKites: FourKites is the most comprehensive real-time load tracking platform in North America and serves some of the largest shippers and 3PLs. FourKites can cover the entire spectrum of the trucking industry, from private fleets to individual owner-operators, through a combination of tracking technologies: 40+ ELD partnerships, a proprietary smartphone app, and app-less tracking using cell tower triangulation. FourKites tracks truck locations every 15 minutes, recalculates ETA using real-time location data, and automates arrivals and departures using geo-fencing technologies. Forthcoming integration will allow JDA’s customers to access this information within JDA Transportation Management, virtually eliminating the need for expensive EDI setups or phone calls to drivers and dispatchers, saving time and money.

FourKites is attending JDA’s Global Kick-Off where we’ll be demonstrating our comprehensive real-time visibility and orchestration platform.

If you are attending and would like to set up a time to learn more about FourKites, or if you’d like to ask a question, email us here.

Members of the FourKites team will be at the Cosmopolitan Hotel January 30th – February 2nd.

INTTRA: INTTRA is the world’s largest, global multi-carrier ocean shipping electronic portal service provider offering customers ocean shipping efficiency and increased logistics insight. One out of every four ocean shipments is processed using INTTRA’s platform. Forthcoming integration with JDA Transportation Management will meet customers’ ocean shipping needs by way of INTTRA’s ocean shipping software, data and services.

TransVoyant: TransVoyant employs advanced real-time analytics on big data curated from sensors, radar, smartphones, satellites, GPS, video cameras, and other devices to produce live and predictive insights that transform supply chain performance. Forthcoming integration with JDA Transportation Management, TransVoyant will provide accurate insights about when a shipment will actually arrive vs. its estimated time of arrival; which carriers, lanes or routes to use or avoid due to current and predicted disruptions; and which orders are at risk due to potential issues with suppliers.

“As big data and the Internet of Things continue to proliferate, there is an abundance of data available. This, combined with the fact that the supply chain world is moving faster than ever and gaining in complexity by the day, periodic event visibility is no longer sufficient,” said Fabrizio Brasca, vice president of solution strategy, Intelligent Fulfillment, JDA. “We are partnering with FourKites, INTTRA and TransVoyant to tap into key capabilities that allow for more real-time predictive visibility leveraging multiple data sources. This is where the transportation industry is headed and we are at the forefront.”

JDA Introduces Enhancements to JDA Transportation Management Solutions

JDA Transportation Management solutions help organizations make smarter, more strategic shipping and delivery decisions by balancing internal capacities and constraints with customer promises, and providing the resiliency and agility that companies need in today’s complex business landscape. JDA Transportation Management solutions are part of JDA® Intelligent Fulfillment™, which delivers an integrated constraint-aware, cross-application environment to enable more profitable fulfillment for retailers, manufacturers, third-party logistics providers and wholesale distributors.

New enhancements to JDA Transportation Manager and JDA Transportation Planner help reduce mileage, improve asset utilization and reduce overtime needs. New capabilities include:

Driver Relay Optimization and Management: This capability considers multiple relay hub routes for each load to more efficiently identify the relay hub path that reduces overall transportation cost. It provides improved driver pool utilization across a relay network and improved routing of drivers, all while moving loads more efficiently across a transportation network.

Driver Assignment: Dispatch operations can achieve greater operational excellence by effectively managing drivers and their assignments for loads and trips. Core driver management capabilities include driver and related asset identification, eligible driver candidate selection, driver execution constraints, and driver cost center assignment.

Geographic Data Support: JDA is working with Telogis and HERE to offer integrated worldwide coverage for mapping and street-level distance calculations. Mapping capabilities including transit time provision at street-level precision are provided within Transportation Smartbench.

Transportation Smartbench Gets Smarter: Smartbench, JDA’s powerful user interface now gives planners the ability to view, manage and operate stop-level functions, particularly for scenarios requiring heavy multi-stop load building, and get a complete picture of stop operations during execution. Planners can execute stop-level operations – including stop re-ordering, appointment handling, ETA updates and shipment split and join operations – and gauge amount execution activity amounts necessary at each stop by listing all shipment legs attached to individual stops.

“The transportation industry is facing a capacity crunch as driver shortages reached a deficit of 48,000 in the U.S. in 2015. Being able to maximize the utilization of both physical and human assets is becoming more critical than ever,” continued Brasca. “The new driver optimization functionality in JDA Transportation Management addresses this by providing improved driver pool utilization concurrently with the optimization of assets, cutting down on costs and moving loads more efficiently across the transportation network.”

Watch this video to learn more about JDA’s vision for transportation.

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