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Tight control over global transportation activities is more important than ever nowadays. The Austrian/Brazilian company RHI Magnesita had actually decided to centralize and modernize its transportation organization even before COVID-19 arrived on the scene. During a recent Webinar Wednesday organized by Supply Chain Media, the manufacturer of refractory products explained how Oracle’s transport management system played a role in this. In view of the ongoing problems in international freight transport, the benefits of end-to-end transportation management are becoming even more apparent.

If containers are not collected and emptied on time, shipping companies charge additional demurrage and detention fees. These amount to sizable costs in RHI Magnesita’s supply chain, but the new transport management system (TMS) is aimed at changing this. The TMS includes a workbench that gives the RHI Magnesita planners insight into the status of all containers. “For each container, we can see how many days remain until the shipping company starts charging extra costs. Based on this, our planners arrange for containers to be collected from the port on time and to be transported to their final destination sooner,” said Marc Jägers, Manager of Global Transportation Management at RHI Magnesita.

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