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April 2023
Supply Chain News to Know

APRIL 2023

News To Know


Four months into 2023 and supply chain leaders are still struggling to know what to expect this year. What is certain, though, is that their jobs aren't getting any easier. Let's dive in.

  The Lead: Wait and See

"Transport companies from truckers to container shipping lines have pointed to an anticipated rebound in the second half of this year, saying they expected companies to return to more typical, prepandemic ordering patterns after working through excess inventories. That prospect has looked more questionable as retail sales have declined and more retailers and their suppliers display caution as they remain focused on keeping inventories in check.”
That’s according to Liz Young and Paul Berger at The Wall Street Journal. Similarly, feelings of uncertainty were shared by respondents in a FourKites survey of 350+ supply chain professionals, with many still concerned about labor challenges and high shipping costs.

Read the report to learn more about these challenges and how shippers will navigate them.

  In View
Giving supply chain leaders a seat at the table is, according to Bain & Company, the best way for retail executive teams to discover the ways supply chain can aid growth. They argue that, rather than limit supply chain ambitions to optimizing truck routes and keeping a lid on cost per case per mile, the right investment in supply chains can solve problems.

Stubborn inflation and rising rates have business leaders worried about profitability and cash flow, which means conversations between CSCOs and CFOs might get uncomfortable. FourKites’ CEO discusses the compelling case for supply chain investment.

It’s been more than a year since Russia invaded Ukraine, and it’s become evident that the supply chain disruption caused by the conflict has created a significant void that will take decades to rebuild. Port Technology shares the latest data and insight from FourKites.

Pressure to improve supply chain sustainability — from investors, top executives and customers — has increased over the past three years. But Yossi Sheffi observes that the degree to which this pressure translates into supply chain changes on the ground is less clear. How is your organization tackling sustainability?
Tell us what you think in this short, 5-question survey.

  Numbers to Know
Retail ships in North America down YoY across all subcategories for most of early 2023
After two years of wild swings, shipments across all retail categories seem to be finding more stable footing in 2023.

Words of Wisdom
“During the past two years, not only were shippers worried about getting products to customers and missing sales cycles, but they were being charged astronomical demurrage and detention charges. Even under normal circumstances, it’s frustrating to receive a bill for something you felt you have little control over. Now, shippers are investing in technology to ensure that they can combat fees and incur minimal added costs.”



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