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PetSmart, the largest specialty pet retailer of services and solutions, was seeking a way to minimize late and early deliveries and reduce labor costs across its more than 1,650 stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. With more than 180,000 shipments each year, late deliveries and other supply chain disruptions were causing unnecessary communication loops between store associates, carriers and company headquarters, as well as putting unnecessary strain on customer- facing personnel.

In early 2019, the pet retailer selected FourKites to provide freight visibility as a competitive advantage for its supply chain. By bringing greater visibility to its deliveries in transit, PetSmart was able to identify the cause of disruptions to store operations and minimize their impact on staff productivity. In partnership with FourKites, PetSmart was also able to dedicate more associate hours to the valuable task of improving the customer experience with pet parents, instead of waiting at the loading dock.

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Consistency Matters

PetSmart worked closely with FourKites’ implementation team to onboard its carriers and begin tracking the locations for North American shipments by truckload, less-than-truckload, ocean and rail. Within six months, PetSmart had nearly completed integration, tracking more than 95% of its outbound carriers with over 80% consistency. Moreover, PetSmart was able to minimize the time store associates dedicated to carrying out behind-the-scenes tasks, such as receiving deliveries, unloading goods and coordinating shipments.

95% of Carriers Tracking

PetSmart drove carrier engagement through proactive communication and support.

80% Goal For Tracking Consistency

PetSmart set expectations early on, and shared the benefits of visibility with carriers to encourage them to meet this goal.

83% Tracking Consistency Achieved

In less than a year PetSmart achieved its goal of high tracking consistency across its carrier base.

“The data available on the FourKites platform helps PetSmart Transportation maximize carrier utilization and supports our goal of becoming a shipper of choice. Visibility to support network optimization is invaluable by supporting the efficient flow of goods through our supply chain while reducing costs for the company.”

– Dawn Goudie, Senior Manager, Supply Chain Service Center, PetSmart