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Supply chains are the lifelines of the world, delivering the products our communities rely on to stay safe and healthy. In times of crisis, it’s more critical than ever that the individuals working to keep these systems running have the support they need to get the job done. FourKites is committed to maintaining continuity in service for our customers during this COVID-19 public health emergency, while also taking every precaution to protect the safety and well-being of our customers, employees and partners.

Protecting the health of our teams and customers is our top priority. Here are the measures FourKites has taken thus far:

  • We’ve established a Global Response Task Force – which includes members of our executive team – accountable for executing business continuity.
  • FourKites is in lockstep with the guidance provided by WHO, CDC and governments of impacted countries, and is relaying any recommendations from these official organizations to our staff.
  • Globally, all FourKites employees are being recommended to work from home. Team members have access to all systems and data needed to continue providing you with the same levels of service, while ensuring their safety.
  • We have implemented restrictions for business travel and in-person events and meetings. All customer visits will be held virtually.

We’re grateful to all the members of the FourKites community working in warehouses, on the road, and at the dock who are doubling their efforts to fulfill the needs of consumers and medical professionals during these uncertain times. We understand that many shippers and carriers are under intense pressure to provide expedited delivery, while they may also be short-staffed. As such, we are here to support our partners with the same levels of continuous, uninterrupted service that they expect. Here’s how:

  • FourKites is a global company with a distributed team, infrastructure and a robust business continuity plan. We are SOC2 certified and audited annually, which means that we review our plans on an ongoing basis.
  • FourKites runs on a cloud-based, resilient and highly secure SaaS platform, so there will be no disruption to our availability. The platform can be accessed from anywhere and on the mobile app (FourKites Mobile Manager). This is also true for carriers who may have lost access to on-prem systems, although SSO and company policies may differ.
  • Our Customer Success Managers are providing additional data and support that is helping our shippers best serve their customers. If there are insights our platform can provide to improve your operations during this time, please let us know, and we’ll do all we can to share those solutions.

FourKites is committed to ensuring the success of our customers alongside the safety of our employees and communities during these unprecedented circumstances. With the largest supply chain community in the world, we are keeping a close eye on the data trends and shifting dynamics of the world’s freight, and we will be posting those here regularly. Know that we are on hand to help serve you and your customers navigate these complex waters. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions at [email protected], or via phone at 888-466-6958 ext 2.

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