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CHICAGO – December 8, 2016 – The Windy City continues to bolster its reputation as a global logistics hub and incubator for supply chain innovation. Case in point: the new initiative announced today between two fast-growing Chicagoland logistics industry leaders, FourKites and AFN Logistics.

In association with FourKites, AFN – a dynamic third-party logistics provider serving major retailers and manufacturers – will work with key carriers to track their fleets with the latest real-time tracking technology. By end of year, a significant number of these key carriers will be utilizing FourKites Comprehensive Real-Time Tracking Platform, providing a new level of clarity for shippers and assurance for carriers and receivers.

“Technology is core to our mission to provide exceptional service to the customers and carriers we serve,” said Rob Levy, AFN’s CFO. “Through FourKites’ solution, we can provide shippers with real-time updates and ETAs, while making life easier – and safer – for drivers. Having location data readily accessible allows drivers to focus on navigation and driving safely, instead of answering status calls and emails. In addition, FourKites’ technology leverages the ELD technology which carriers are already investing in to meet their compliance obligations. Everybody wins.”

Obtaining a clear, real-time picture of cargo in the field is more important now than ever. And it can also be more challenging. Consumers expect on-demand delivery, and retailers likewise have imposed more demanding delivery schedules. Investing in advanced tracking systems that provide a deep level of always-on visibility is key for logistics providers and the carriers they work with to meet and exceed these heightened expectations.

Providing this increased clarity also reduces total landed costs and builds long-term strategic relationships – creating the flexibility to meet customer demand. By implementing best-in-class solutions like FourKites, customizing platforms for clients and consolidating technology channels, AFN delivers more efficient and transparent service, and identifies opportunities for continuous improvement. FourKites will enable AFN to deliver on each of these promises.

“A common goal of FourKites and AFN is adding value to our customers’ supply chains,” said Mathew Elenjickal, FourKites CEO. “AFN has expanded the benefits of their logistics services by increasing supply chain visibility and is solidifying trust from their customers with greater transparency into their loads – all through the addition of real-time tracking.”

About AFN

AFN is an award-winning leader in freight brokerage, third party logistics and transportation management services that has served the needs of major manufacturers, top-20 retailers and best-in-class carriers in North America since 2003. Known for its commitment to client service, AFN has a robust suite of people-first, technology-enabled solutions – from truckload, LTL and consolidation services to risk management, carrier compliance, cargo security and surveillance and more. To learn more about AFN, please visit or call 877-562-3236 .

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