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The Challenge

A global 3PL with multi-billion dollar annual revenues wanted to better manage its customers’ freight and differentiate its offering from the competition. Because this 3PL worked with a large number of major national shippers, better visibility into each load meant that the 3PL could manage a larger volume of customer loads with more efficiency, leading to higher customer satisfaction, delivered with greater efficiency. The 3PL’s main challenge was improving visibility across operations within the oil and gas industry. Because it worked with a mix of large national carriers and small local carriers in that industry, achieving a unified visibility solution across all carriers was a difficult proposition. To help solve this challenge, the company brought in FourKites.

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FourKites Solution

FourKites began by implementing an integration with the 3PL’s existing TMS, seamlessly unifying the company’s data into a single, intuitive interface. As FourKites worked to bring the 3PL’s customers onto the platform, FourKites leveraged its strong relationships with local and national carriers to get those customers’ carrier networks online and tracking as quickly as possible. To ensure that the 3PL’s teams could operate the platform autonomously with minimal need for assistance from FourKites, key 3PL personnel were trained as super- users, and taught to take advantage of FourKites’ many tools and capabilities.

How A Major 3PL Differentiated Its Service Using FourKites
How A Major 3PL Differentiated Its Service Using FourKites


The 3PL has used its partnership with FourKites to differentiate its offering to major shippers, attracting large new customers and securing larger volumes from its existing customers. Its track-and-trace teams take advantage of FourKites’ direct integrations with every major transportation management system to keep eyes on their assigned shipments without having to leave their TMS environment. This reduced strain on track and trace personnel enabled the 3PL to re-prioritize resources that were previously being devoted to check calls and manual track-and-trace procedures. This, in turn, made it possible to track a larger volume of freight at lower overall cost, and with greater precision.

The 3PL’s customer service personnel, meanwhile, used features like FourKites’ encrypted link sharing to communicate critical, customized load information with their customers, leading to greater transparency throughout the organization and higher overall customer satisfaction.

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