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The retail industry has gone through monumental changes over the past three years, and yet many supply chain executives are still relying on a limited set of key performance indicators (KPIs) — such as on-time delivery — to measure success. Between the pandemic, rapid rise of e-commerce, shifting customer loyalties, and near-constant supply chain disruptions, traditional KPIs and benchmarks don’t always give you an accurate picture of your success. We’ll walk through some emerging supply chain KPIs that retailers should start tracking to win in today’s increasingly competitive environment.

Join Mark Delaney, Retail Vice President, Global Industry Strategy at FourKites and Charles Griffith, Chief Technology Officer at Quiet Platforms, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Eagle Outfitters in this session to learn more.

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Customer needs change fast — FourKites helps you respond faster. Our platform provides the real-time visibility and data insights you need for a smarter, more agile retail supply chain.

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Meet With Us at RILA