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Inbound Supplier Visibility

See Into Every Corner of Your Supply Chain With Visibility Into Inbound Freight

FourKites provides visibility into 100% of your freight — including prepaid and collect inbound — so you can keep your supply chain on track.

Take Control of Your Inbound

Inbound Supplier Visibility
1,200+ of the World’s Biggest Brands Trust FourKites
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Inbound Supplier Visibility

Leverage the Power of the FourKites Network

When you join the FourKites network, you can instantly start sharing real-time tracking data with thousands of other suppliers, customers, retailers and 3PLs. FourKites tracks over 3 million shipments every day, which gives you unprecedented opportunity to bring visibility to your inbound freight and share it with your end customers.

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Keep Production on Track

Unavailable inventory is a key cause of line shutdowns and changeovers, costing companies millions of dollars each year. FourKites’ inbound, SKU-level visibility predicts when your inventory will arrive and alerts you to delays along the way, so you can mitigate disruptions and reduce the need for excess safety stock.

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Inbound Supplier Visibility

“FourKites’ Inbound Supplier Visibility has enhanced our warehouse and labor productivity significantly…

The ability to track SKU-level details across both managed and unmanaged freight with FourKites’ Inbound Supplier Visibility has enhanced our warehouse and labor productivity significantly. In addition, it has helped us improve our in-stock position and has also provided supply planners a self-service approach to find their loads.”

– Brett Frankenberg, VP of Supply Chain Planning & Inventory Management, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated

Inbound Supplier Visibility
Inbound Supplier Visibility

Optimize Labor and Dock Operations

Imagine a world in which your teams are never stuck waiting for hours at the dock to unload a late truck. By providing real-time visibility into your inbound freight, FourKites enables you to better plan labor and dock usage so that your employees can be as productive as possible.

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Unlock Customer Collaboration

Your end customers manage thousands of suppliers and get their orders on time, in full and to the right place. Become a trusted partner by sharing managed shipment and order information to help improve planning and receiving operations, so your customers can focus on critical tasks.

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Inbound Supplier Visibility

Designed for the Most Complex Global Supply Chains

Gartner rates FourKites as the top-scoring supply chain visibility solution for the most advanced use cases. Find out why over 50% of the Fortune 500 relies on FourKites for real-time visibility.

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Inbound Supplier Visibility

How It Works

 Opt In

You’re in control of if — and with whom — you share visibility. By opting into Network Visibility, you can instantly see hundreds of other shippers in the FourKites network who are interested in sharing visibility with their suppliers and customers.

Control & Share

View recommended partners and request to see shipments heading into your facilities. Accept or decline sharing requests from others in the FourKites network, and start sharing real-time tracking information in just a few clicks.

Invite Others

Invite others to join the network. Are your suppliers not already tracking with FourKites? No problem! Invite them to join the FourKites network to share mutual shipments.

“We’re seeing the benefit of reducing a lot of manual work…

…Whether it’s the folks on the dock, in procurement, or our transportation planners, they’re able to leverage the tool so they can focus on other important parts of the business. Planners, for example, used to send probably 30 emails to find the status of a load. With FourKites, it takes just one click, so we can focus on recovery.”

– Erik Widestrom, Transportation Lead, Supply Chain Transformation, Boston Beer Company

Inbound Supplier Visibility

Transform Your Supply Chain

FourKites supports the world’s most complex supply chains. Whether it’s life-saving medicine or groceries for family dinner, FourKites helps you deliver.

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