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Partner Hub

The first solution designed for both brokers and carriers that brings total visibility and security to the ELD onboarding process.

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Partner Hub

For Carriers

Partner Hub is a one-stop spot for carriers to onboard into their customers’ FourKites network. It puts you in the driver seat to choose the type of tracking connection you prefer with shippers and brokers. Set up tracking via our CarrierLink app on driver cell phones or ELD-based tracking. It only takes a few minutes.

Benefits for onboarding with FourKites:

  • Fewer check calls
  • More accurate ETAs
  • Reduced dwell time
  • More time on the road for drivers
  • Free marketing for top performing carriers

As your shipper and broker customers implement best in class real-time visibility, you can trust that we’ve got your back. We make the process fast, easy and secure so that you can get set up, move on and keep those wheels turning.

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Start using Partner Hub today to become a priority carrier and connect with new brokers.

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For Brokers

ELD credentialing is a time-consuming, manual process – but it doesn’t have to be! Partner Hub is a scalable, automated and secure approach to ELD onboarding that will improve transparency and communication with your supply chain partners.

Partner Hub benefits for brokers:

  • Scale ELD onboarding via a robust, self-service managed solution
  • View the real-time onboarding status of your carriers
  • Partner Hub provides validated and tested ELD connections with carriers.
  • Reduce reliance on app-based tracking
  • Eliminate manual check calls and emails

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Partner Hub

“FourKites’ Partner Hub is the tool we’ve been waiting for to help onboard new carriers with a high degree of trust, and sparing drivers the pain associated with app-based tracking.”

– David Broering, President, North American Non-Asset Solutions, NFI