Lane Connect

Harness the power of a secure, real-time supply chain visibility platform to remove empty miles and volatility from your supply chain through trusted, collaborative partnerships.

Lane Connect

Conduct a lane-by-lane analysis of your supply chain network to identify opportunities where partners can collaborate to reduce empty backhaul miles. Discover who to work with across which lanes to create win-win scenarios.

Unlock Hidden Capacity in Your Freight Network

Learn how companies are leveraging Lane Connect to establish successful partnerships and transform their supply chains.

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“There are other tools on the market that let you plan a back haul. But if you can’t execute that back haul with real-time tracking, you’re left with nothing but an abstract plan.”

– Eric Kruse, Supply Chain Logistics Manager at Kwik Trip

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Companies across the logistics ecosystem have the ability to increase efficiency, sustainability, and productivity in their supply chains through collaboration. With Lane Connect, you can evaluate your network for round-trip opportunities and collaborative lanes. Opt-in to the Lane Connect network today and start building your ecosystem of partners!


Unlock unprecedented levels of efficiency and visibility in your supply chain

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