FourKites Insights

We give you the tools to take a deeper dive into your supply chain data, uncovering trends and insights that deliver unprecedented business value. By connecting siloed information across your supply chain, we help you optimize processes and channel data into action.

Dwell-time analysis

Get in-depth, historical dwell times at each stop location so you can better minimize detention costs.

Carrier performance

Understand how each of your carriers are performing by lane, customer and across your entire supply chain.

Customer deliveries

Pinpoint on-time delivery rates for each of your customers, and uncover root causes of delays and delivery issues so that you can proactively exceed customer expectations.

Lane analysis

Evaluate lane performance to better inform carrier assignment and planning.

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Learn how JBS has improved its relationships with carriers through FourKites’ advanced tracking that enables more efficient communication and transparency throughout JBS’ network.


Access to the supply chain analytics, insights and real-time visibility you need to optimize your freight management.

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