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Companies are awash in data. So much so that somewhere between 60-73% of enterprise data sits idle on servers somewhere in the cloud, a squandered resource never tapped for the benefit of the business. Why? Turning data into useful insights and tangible ROI isn’t easy; the challenges are myriad, having as much, or more, to do with organizational dynamics and culture as with technology.

The good news is that after more than a year of upheaval and several “once in a lifetime” disruptions in rapid succession, some of the world’s biggest shippers and their supply chain partners are bucking this trend. Through smart investments in digital technologies that enable end-to-end visibility across the supply chain, they are automating core business processes and achieving demonstrable returns on their investments. And in doing so, they’re building more resilient organizations that are better able to react to and mitigate future crises.

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