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November 2023
Supply Chain News to Know


News To Know


In a world of constant change, OTIF fines have remained one unfortunate certainty — but hopefully, that won’t be the case this holiday season… Let’s dive in.

  The Lead: A Changing Tide
A year ago, congestion at West Coast ports pushed shippers east. Now, that trend might reverse. Glenn Taylor reports that the current contract for East Coast port dockworkers doesn’t expire until the end of September 2024, but the union representing them has made it clear: Members should prepare to go on strike next October.

“With 2024 still expected to be a relatively slow market, the chaos this would create is less than what it would have been if a strike were on the table a year ago. Shippers and BCOs will need to take into account the potential long lead times as they chart out their risk and supply chain network in 2024.” — Glenn Koepke, GM of Network Collaboration, FourKites

While rerouting shipments to the West Coast is an option, there’s a chance it’s not all smooth sailing. Peter Tirschwell at Journal of Commerce points out that if the decline in shipments reverses and the long-term growth trend resumes in 1H 2024, additional pressure will come to bear on the West Coast.

  In View
present Even though the turkey’s still in the freezer, retailers have been offering hot deals since the beginning of the month to stretch out the holiday shopping season. Whether you sell sweaters, screwdrivers or sugarplums, FourKites’ Mark Delaney shares tips for navigating the peak season and beyond.

globe After a year of record-setting temperatures, sustainability continues to be a priority for many companies. But where do they start? Chris Cunnane at Logistics Viewpoints writes that the answer is to invest in sustainability benchmarking tools.

flag-panama_1f1f5-1f1e6.png Speaking of climate change, as Panama continues to grapple with the worst drought in 73 years, the Panama Canal Authority (PCA) plans to reduce the number of booking slots to just 18 beginning February 1. FourKites’ Glenn Koepke told SeatradeMaritime News that, with the weak economic outlook lasting into mid-next year at least, we anticipate this causing a bump in rates for the next two months.

  Numbers to Know
FourKites US Ocean Shipment Volume by Port Region
Over the past two years, we’ve seen East Coast ports steal import volume from West Coast ports as shippers looked to avoid backlogs and delays. While volume is likely to shift westward over time, the threat of labor strikes might accelerate the reversion to historical norms.

Words of Wisdom
While the situation for shippers isn’t as dire as it is for carriers and brokers, many are feeling the pressure of shifting economic conditions. Like everyone else, they’re assessing how to preserve margins and accelerate growth into the future. This means that improving efficiency and reducing costs are high on the list of priorities for Chief Supply Chain Officers.

And logistics service providers have an opportunity to play a pivotal role in this transformation. By integrating advanced data analytics and sharing actionable insights, they can become indispensable partners in their customers’ growth journey.




  • FourKites was the only supply chain visibility provider named to FreightWaves’ 2024 FreightTech 25 list, which recognizes the most innovative and disruptive companies in the freight technology sector.
  • We announced the availability of a new Inbound Visibility solution that provides customers with a highly predictive, accurate and seamless way to manage all inbound orders and shipments — across all modes — through the entire order lifecycle.
  • In this 3-webinar educational series, you’ll learn from experts at Bayer, Cardinal Health, Dollar Tree and others how visibility can make a big impact across all segments of your supply chain operations.
  • At FourKites’ Visibility Conference, a panel of experts moderated by CNBC’s Lori Ann LaRocco set out to provide attendees with actionable information for taking advantage of artificial intelligence. Check out this blog post for their tips, plus a downloadable checklist to help you get started.
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