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Transportation and coronavirus have been getting a lot of attention lately. The global supply chain is becoming more complex due to increased regulations, trade wars, cross-border commerce, and most recently, the impact of coronavirus. When the coronavirus pandemic hit many industries and economies came to a grinding halt. However, transportation solutions have generally been a bit more insulated as goods still need to move from Point A to Point B. This is especially true of essential items such as grocery and personal care products. With capacity constraints, visibility into transportation is becoming more important than ever.

I am finishing up my market study on Transportation Management Systems and kicking off a new study on Transportation Execution and Visibility Systems. Talking with executives at these types of suppliers is a key part of the process. I recently spoke with Matt Elenjickal, CEO at FourKites, about the global transportation visibility market, taking a deeper look into transportation and coronavirus. FourKites is a predictive supply chain visibility platform, delivering real-time freight visibility and predictive analytics to its global network of shippers, carriers, brokers and 3PLs.

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