FourKites Dynamic Yard

Dynamic Yard delivers integrated, real-time insights into the activities in your yard and facility, empowering you to proactively manage your end-to-end operations like never before.


Boost operational efficiency

What makes Dynamic Yard different from any other yard or facility management solution on the market? Integrated in-transit and on-site visibility. No more siloed operations. Our platform tracks real-time changes to your in-transit loads, so that your on-site operations can respond accordingly.

Comprehensive and Curated Technology

FourKites’ RFID-enabled platform offers ease of deployment and robust integrations, curated to meet the specific needs of your complex operations.

Reduce detention expenses

Unforeseeable changes to your global supply chain are inevitable.  FourKites Dynamic Yard has the power to quickly surface these interruptions and get you back on track quickly, reducing detention expenses and safeguarding your customer relationships.

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“Our overall detention has probably been down at least 20% a month over the last eight months, which has been a very critical factor in becoming a shipper of choice. Reducing your dwell time is huge in this tight market. You want to be able to attract carriers, not push them away.”

– Brad Shockey, Director, Supply Chain at Pixelle Specialty Solutions

Better facility operations start here

Powered by data and innovation, FourKites delivers the precision and predictability you need to improve supply chain performance across your business. Ready to get started? Reach out to our team today.