Dynamic Yard

True end-to-end visibility with real-time tracking of in-transit and in-yard freight – all on one comprehensive platform.

The next generation of yard management systems is here

Dynamic Yard is the most comprehensive yard management system (YMS). Unlike traditional yard management solutions that show you only what’s in your yard, FourKites leverages end-to-end real-time visibility of in-transit and in-yard freight to optimize your yard operations through unparalleled, actionable insights.

“Shippers and 3PLs want to extend transportation visibility to the yard and to the dock doors as visibility solutions continue to gain adoption across industries. These solutions provide insights into yard inefficiencies that impact on-time delivery, waiting time, capacity and other factors.”

Gartner, Market Guide for Yard Management

Real-Time Visibility, Across the Supply Chain

Increase Productivity

Real-time insights help you optimize your entire yard operation. From your gate to your spotters to your warehouse and carriers –  every function is more productive with real-time data.

Improve Agility

With real-time visibility of in-transit shipments, you have 100% visibility into your operations. Eliminate the guesswork and surprises and create true business agility.

Reduce Costs

Detention and dwell can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Real-time visibility gives you the power to be agile and respond to every schedule change.

Optimize your yard with visibility and the best of YMS

Traditional yard management solutions offer visibility into what’s happening in the yard. But that’s an incomplete picture. FourKites combines industry-leading YMS capabilities with in-transit predictive visibility and analytics so that you can proactively manage every aspect of yard operations – from appointment and dock scheduling to gate operations and spotter tasking.

Comprehensive Visibility via Scalable, Automated Solutions

Comprehensive Yard Visibility & Management

For organizations looking to optimize their yard management, gate, dock and spotter inefficiencies come at a high cost.

By removing silos and automatically relaying real-time changes across these business areas, stakeholders are automatically informed of the latest load status, eliminating the need for manual changes.

ETA-Enabled Process Optimization

Visibility into every aspect of your operations enables you to streamline your supply chain. By incorporating real-time in-transit ETAs into your yard management, you’ll be able to react quickly to unforeseen obstacles.

Flexible Enterprise Solutions

Scalable enterprise solutions for any organization, regardless of size – from the smallest up to multiple enterprise locations. No matter the size and number of sites, Dynamic Yard provides comprehensive reporting and metrics to make sure every site is performing to its potential.

Seamless Process Automation

Manual processes keep today’s supply chains from reaching true optimization.

Dynamic Yard automates the most basic functions of your yard, freeing up your resources to handle higher-value tasks. 

Automated check in & out at the gate, task dispatching, comprehensive, digital document capture, and reefer management are just a few ways Dynamic Yard streamlines on-site workflows.

Multi-Tenant Corporate & Carrier Visibility

For your supply chain to run smoothly, every stakeholder needs to be informed of  changes happening at every level. Using portals designed specifically for the needs of your carriers and individual sites, your stakeholders are empowered to view changes, manage appointments and complete tasks with greater ease.

Robust Integrations

By integrating with your TMS, WMS and in-transit load visibility, Dynamic Yard provides the full picture of your operations. With comprehensive data at your fingertips, Dynamic Yard serves as your single source of truth for centralized performance analysis and monitoring.

Easy, Rapid Deployment

With an 8-week standard deployment, FourKites has mastered the balance between deployment speed, meticulousness and time to value. Our team works with you every step of the way to ensure successful deployment.

“As you can imagine, in a facility as complex as Appliance Park, having a solid partner when launching a new program is critical. Even before asking, they anticipated issues and put plans in place to resolve them quickly. Any time we’ve had questions or issues, their team is right there with answers and support.”

Jennifer Geier, Distribution 2.0 Ownership Experience Leader
GE Appliances

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Powered by data and innovation, FourKites delivers the precision and predictability you need to improve supply chain performance across your business. Ready to get started? Reach out to our team today.