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Paul HowardProduct Marketing Manager, FourKites

As 2021 nears its close, FourKites again is taking time to acknowledge excellent carrier execution with our Premier Carrier List. The list showcases brokers, carriers and 3PLs worldwide who are achieving the highest standards of visibility-related operational excellence across all modes of transport. This year has been tumultuous for supply chains, leading to significant driver turnover, wage adjustments and a departure for many from large to smaller fleets. Thank you to all the brokers and carriers who provide industry-leading service regardless of circumstances.

Lifting Your Bottom Line

As we roll through fall into winter, the demand for capacity continues to be key for shippers and brokers. Operating at peak efficiency gives strong carriers the ability to turn trucks faster and fill that need more effectively. We have watched carriers maintain strategic relationships and capitalize on market fluctuations by leaning into the technology available to them. Streamlined communications, route optimization, and stronger appointment management are just a few ways FourKites has jumped in to help.

Efficiency has always been key. But what if we can do a lot better? Corporations are driving toward green futures with less waste — can carriers do the same? We are building solutions to cut down empty miles, reduce dwell time, and drive equipment optimization. Supply chain visibility is at the core of all of these issues. Will rates stay at the levels they’ve been for carriers this year? Not likely. So the response should be to find ways to mitigate losses by improving the rate per mile.

Long-term Solutions

Shippers can offer this to carriers with solutions other than the rate on a load. Dynamic Yard takes over the road ETAs to prepare a team in the yard faster and reduce time at the facility. Network visibility connects multiple vendors and supply chains to show potential overlaps as opportunities, creating backhauls and reducing empty miles. Shippers can adjust awards to reward premier carriers.

We have more rewards in mind for the carrier community as well. As we integrate our connectivity into the DAT’s leading freight marketplace, we open the door for more brokers and carriers to leverage best-in-class data quality and data delivery to optimize supply chain performance. As the FourKites network grows and evolves, we will keep innovating to help our carriers do the same.

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