Minimizing Disruption to Mission-Critical Supply Chains During a Crisis

Discover how understanding the Bullwhip Effect can help you ride out the storm.

COVID-19 has led to unforeseen complications to international commerce. As much of the world is forced to work from home for their own safety, traditional business models and global supply chains are bearing the brunt of the world’s economic uproar.

But when things get messy, we are often reminded to get back to the basics. For supply chain professionals, one of the basic principles of supply and demand is the bullwhip effect.

In today’s volatile market, companies that understand the bullwhip effect (a basic principle of supply and demand) can reduce the havoc this turbulence has on their supply chain.


Ted Stank
Bruce Chair of Excellence at Global Supply Chain Institute

Michael Watson

Matt Elenjickal - Founder and CEO

Mathew Elenjickal
CEO & Founder

Helen Atkinson
Contributing Editor

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