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Real-time visibility is often considered the ultimate destination when optimizing a supply chain, but it should really just be thought of as the first step in the process.

Today’s customers expect real-time visibility and full transparency across intermodal supply chains, yet few companies believe they have already achieved the full visibility this demands.

A platform-based approach is the critical step toward attaining the visibility needed ahead of further optimization investments and operations.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • Why a platform-based approach is the critical step to gaining full visibility
  • How to plan for further optimization, self-healing and automation
  • How to leverage compute, location, and visibility platforms for the greatest impact

Tony PalcheckManaging Director, Zebra Ventures
Michael KaczmarekManaging Director, Thomas H. Lee Partners
Carlos KokronManaging Director, Qualcomm Ventures
Dan TramInvestment Director, Volvo Group Venture Capital
Photo of Matt Elenjickal
Matt ElenjickalFounder & CEO, FourKites
Sarah Barnes-HumphreyLets Talk Supply Chain

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